ALP Splits


The endorsement of President George M. Weah by the All Liberian Party (ALP) has led to a big split in the party with the Chairman and other executive members said to be against the endorsement.

A big split has taken place in the All Liberian Party (ALP) of Benoni Urey over which one of the two candidates to support in the upcoming November 14, 2023 presidential runoff election, with Urey realigning with President George Weah and his CDC, while ALP Chairman Theodore Momo, Jr. and other executives have given their backing to former Vice President Joseph Boakai of the main opposition UP.

ALP political leader Urey, who has over the years broken relations and reconnected links with President George Weah and his CDC party has again realigned with the CDC.

“Mr. President, the All Liberian Party has vested significant authority in me. Today, I have been granted the privilege to inform you, Mr. President, that the All Liberian Party endorses your bid for a second term. We want to assure you that today’s endorsement is not just an ordinary one; it is an endorsement from our hearts.”

Mr. Urey over the weekend took along with him, a fierce critic of Weah and vocal Talk show host, Henry Costa, who also made a statement at the ALP headquarters pledging his support to Weah’s second term bid, just a few months after he and the ALP acrimoniously walked out an alliance with main opposition presidential candidate Joseph Boakai and his Unity Party (UP).

The ALP leader said at the latest Weah endorsement program on Sunday, October 29, 2023 that in the November 14 presidential runoff election, he and his party are not prepared to “make deals the devil”.

“We will go to great lengths and traverse the breadth of this country to ensure your re-election into office. We do not want to repeat the political mistakes of the past. I have made political mistakes, and Liberia has made political mistakes. We will not make the same mistakes again. We are not going to make deals with the devil,” Mr. Urey added.

But back in June 2019 when he and Weah fell out, President Weah told a political really at his CDC headquarters in Monrovia’s Congo Town suburb that Urey was a “killer” and a “thief” and that the Urey family will never be elected in Liberia.

“This is a man that has never won anything, he supported his brother I defeated him, get ready tightened your belts there is no way the Urey’s can win election in Montserrado County because they are wicked people. We are cockroaches but they are killers, we are cockroaches, they are thieves,” President Weah said in June 2019.

Meanwhile, ALP Chairman Momo and other executives and supporters of the party have sharply rejected Urey’s move to support Weah in the second round, but they have instead publicly put their weight behind Boakai and the UP.

Also declaring his support for the Boakai ticket is River Gee County Senato Jonathan Sogbie, who is like Weah, a former Liberian international football star-turned politician. …

The political leader of the new CPP, Alexander Cummings has so far not declared his support for any of the two presidential candidates in the November 14 runoff election.

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