All Must Respect the Law

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IN MANY PARTS of the world, there are systems which govern people. But these systems are governed by specific instruments, known as Law. Law, according to some is the principles and regulations established in a community by some authorities and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation, or of customs and policies recognized and enforced by judicial branch.

IN LIBERIA, it is governed by law that are made by the legislature. So, there is no exception.

AND AT SUCH, it is prudent that everyone, irrespective of his or her political or other standing in the society, should respect the law. On Tuesday, it was reported that Representative Yekeh Kolubah of district number ten and deputy police director for operation, Melvin Sackor nearly ended in a fist fight after the police pulled over Hon. Kolubah’s official vehicle for what it said was driving in the opposite and with one license plate.

ACCORDING TO REPORT, the representative vehicle was pulled over and asked to proceed to the National Headquarters of the Police, his driver resisted and later, the honorable arrived. Part of the offenses were; driving on the opposite lane, vehicle without any plate.

The lawmaker resisted and both men ended up in the office of the Speaker who later held meeting with them to resolve the situation.

THESE ACTIONS do not speak well of our country. We think that it was prudent for the honorable man to proceed to the headquarters of the police. Even though we are aware that other senior government official vehicle took the same path taken by Hon. Kolubah, no one was pulled over for said violation.

IN AS MUCH AS we do not support the challenge posed by the honorable, we equally think that no one is above the law and all must be respecters of the law and not violator. We think that all those who violated the law should have been detained and appropriate action taken against them.

WE ARE VERY concerned about such action on the part of these two people who are to be law abiding people.

THIS ATTITUDE needs to be stopped at all level. And to do so, those who are responsible to execute the law, must be forceful and rigid in its enforceability.

WE HAVE SEEN that many at times, government officials and non-government officials normally drive on the opposite lane and with impunity, this is unhealthy.

BUT WHAT BEATS our imagination is that those same people, when they travel outside of Liberia, they follow all rules to the later. In fact, they at times inform others about the punishment for violating the law.

WE ARE CALLING on the law enforcement wing of the government and all citizens to abide by the law and live within its confidences.

REMEMBER MANY countries around the world systems are respected due to the adherence of the law. Any country that does not have law, is considered a lawless state wherein anyone does anything at his or her will.

LET US ALL respect the law of our country for a better and improved nation.

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Alphonso Toweh Alphonso has  been in the profession for over twenty years. He has worked for many international media outlets including: West Africa Magazine, Africa Week Magazine, African Observer and did occasional reporting for CNN, BBC World Service, Sunday Times, NPR, Radio Deutchewells, Radio Netherlands. He is the current correspondent for Reuters. Mr. Toweh holds first MA with honors in International Relations and a candidate for second master in International Peace studies and Conflict Resolution.

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