Ahead Of President Weah’s SONA

-Massive Clearing Up Campaigning Ongoing At Liberian Legislature

By Mark N. Mengonfia-mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Massive clearing up campaign is ongoing at the Liberian Legislature ahead of the State of the Nation Address ( SONA) of President George Weah.

In keeping with article 58 of the 1986 constitution of Liberia which mandates the President of Liberia to on every fourth working Monday address the Legislature, the President shall address this Monday, January  25, 2021.

In preparation of this constitutionally provision, the Ministry of Public Works has worked on major pop holds at the entrance and drive way to the Building and at the same time begun the removal of filth at that first branch of government.

The area has been filthy for many months as bathrooms have been out of proper sanitary condition.

Not  only filth at the building an issue, the lack of water at the Liberian legislature is one of the key issues affecting the area and  has reached a point that lawmakers who want to use the bathrooms have to get water from outside in their private vehicles while workers at that building get water from the manholes to be used in the bathrooms in various offices.

A Legislative staff getting water from a manhole at the Liberian Legislature.

Another serious problem at the Capitol building is the constant outages of power during regular sessions.

But all of these many problems facing the legislature are now being covered up by GSA and Ministry Public Works as the legislative body await their guests on Monday of next week.

House of Representatives Chairperson on Executive is Acarcus Moses Gray, he replaces late Representative, Munah P. Youngblood of district eight who once chaired that committee before her death.

The worked closely with the executive ensuring that the program (SONA) and she made her work known to Liberian weeks before the official program.

Representative Youngblood is no longer on the stage of making preparations for the SONA,but her former Deputy, Moses Acarous Gray now chairs the Committee on executive.

He is yet to officially speak to the level of preparation he and his deputy, Mary Karwor have made for the program to be successful.

Members of that House of Representatives were forced to executive on Tuesday, January 21,2021 to get an update from the Committee.

After hours of locked up discussion with the Chairperson, deputy on executive and Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, members of the House of Representatives left without any information to the media.


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