Ahead of President Weah’s Relocation to E-Mansion:

-Religious Leaders To consecrate Facility Today, Sunday

By Mark Neywon Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Today February 13,2022 is a busy day for religious leaders as they are expected to consecrate the Executive Mansion, the official seat of the president.

The office of President George M  Weah has made a public statement that the Liberian leader will start working from the Executive Mansion starting Monday, February 14, 2022.

The Executive Mansion which is the official home of the Liberian Presidency experienced an unfortunate situation that led to a potion of it burning on July 26, 2006.

The religious leaders are to invoke the Sprite of Almighty God in building after many years of not being in use by leaders of Liberia.

Liberia’s Minister for Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Ledgerhood  Julius Rennie at an emergency press conference in Monrovia last Monday said a selected number of religious leaders were having the place blessed (consecrate).

Since that announcement was made nearly a week now, prayers have been offered by different groups of religious leaders.

Friday is the time the Muslim community congregate, they didn’t allow the chance to pass them by as they  organized a session of Islamic prayer for the President and government, and people of Liberia at the Mosque

The same is with the Christian community who will gather on the grounds of the Executive Mansion to call on their God to protect the President while he serves his people from the official seat of the Presidency.


In 2006 during the Independence Day celebration of Liberia, the fourth floor of the building was gutted by fire during the presidency of former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf along with some visiting heads of state, but it was not completed when renovation started on it for many years. No one was harmed.

Although the building is not yet 100% done with the renovation, but President Weah said he will move in and start working from there.

Parts of the program making the celebration of 200 years of Liberia will be observed in the Executive Mansion.

The Thanksgiving Service today officially climaxes the consecration of the Executive Mansion.

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