Agriculture Transforms Nation Economy

MONROVIA-Liberia food insecurity has risen the ambition of authority of a local Organization, Evergreen Agro Enterprise (EAE) to get involved in the cultivation of vegetables in Montserrado County.

Speaking  to our Reporter Saturday September 18, 2021, the National Consultant  of EAE , David Taigbailee  said  the organization’s decision  to    invest   in the  soil  is  to demonstrate  that Liberia  has a fertile soil  that can grow more crops  as a means of making Liberia a food rich country.

Mr. Taigtbaliee, an agriculturist  said  the organization  is now investing  in building demonstration sight  to begin   enhancing   the capacity  of local farmers,   both in  the urban  and rural communities  with in Montserrado County.

According to him, EAE    will shortly   engage in providing seedings    for farmers through its demonstrational sight.

He further narrated  that  the economy is  constrain  that both  the Government  and  the citizenry are undergoing  tough activities.

The Evergreen Agro Enterprise National Consultant said Liberia can overcome such challenge if the government empowers the local farmers with agriculture supplement that included seeds, equipment as well as technical, so that the  local farmers   will be able  to produce more crops including rice.

Mr. Taigbailee  than extoled   the Government  through  the Ministry of Agriculture for  the recent distribution  of  supplements  to  some farmers across  the country.

He indicated that, while it is true   that his organization  did not receive such donation from  the Government,   their action  was in  the right direction  to empower  the farmers,  but urged  the Ministry of Agriculture  to ensure  that  they use  their data based  to supply  the local farmers.

Taigbailee noted  that  it will be vital  for  the Ministry  of Agriculture  and  that of  the local organizations  that are  working  with  local  farmers  to always be in consultation  in relating  to  the transformation of  the agriculture sector.

He said local Agriculture organizations have the technical knowhow to assist the local farmers to improve the country food insecurity.

Mr. Taigbailee Said EAE is willing to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture to provide training for local farmers as a means of enhancing their productivity.

He however urged the young people of Liberia to get involved in developing the soil as a mean of empowering themselves.



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