Agriculture Is Engine for Economic Recovery


By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-A Liberian Agriculturist David Taigbailee says  it  is  through agriculture  the country  can recover  from  the economic stagnation affecting the  country.

Mr. Taigbailee believes  the Government needs to allot more money to the agriculture and road sectors of the country.

He told our reporter last Tuesday in Paynesville Taigbailee that agriculture is the engine to Liberia economic problem.

“Let the Government  invest   in the  soil, by empowering famers, opening famer  to market roads, ensuring  that  famers add value  to their product,  export to the external markets, and provide loans  to farmers.  This will improve our economy,” he revealed.

The agriculture expert also stated that  the economic constraints both  the Government  and  the citizenry undergo is  due  to  the lack of vision  to invest  into  the soil.

Taigbailee who is Evergreen Agro Enterprise National Consultant said Liberia can overcome the challenge if the government empowers the local farmers with agriculture tools that include seeds and equipment.

He said  it will be vital  for  the Ministry  of Agriculture  and  local organizations  working  with  local  farmers  to always consult on the way forward  for the transformation of  the agriculture sector.

He also expressed the need for local Agriculture organizations with technical know-how to assist local farmers in order to improve  food security.

Mr. Taigbaille urged  the Ministry of Agriculture to do away with politics and focus on how to improve the agriculture sector.

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