After 15 Years: Rep. Pennue, Snowe Say Goodbye To House Friends

By Mark N.Mengonfia

MONROVIA-The two lawmakers eyes turned red when they were saying goodbye to their colleagues from the House of Representatives.

After fifteen years of serving at the House of Representatives, Senators  Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr and Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of Bomi and Grand Gedeh counties respectively,  took to the floor of the House of Representatives appreciating their colleagues for the years they have spent together as co-workers.

Representative Zoe Pennue said they were going to the Liberian senator and while at the Senate, Liberia will be the first on their agenda.

Rep. Pennue said the years they have worked together for the people of Liberia has been remarkable and his work will be replicated at the House of Senate.

Senator Snowe during his statement, he praised all the staff at the House of Representatives who he said without them, their work as lawmaker would not have been possible.

He as well thanked reporters assigned at the Liberian legislature, adding, “we have had some good and bad times together.”

The emotional farewell speeches were followed by an interview with Legislative reporters at which time Representative Snowe said,” Zoe Pennue and I were at LPRC and he was my Deputy. We came at the legislature the same time and he wanted to leave me and go to the Senate but it didn’t work. We are leaving together now to the Liberian Senate.”

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