Afromedia Initiative Launches Nile Valley Dialogue Today

MONROVIA-The Afromedia initiative is today, February 17, 2022, launching the Nile valley dialogue initiative on under the banner of “Egypt Unites Us.”

The initiative which will be held in Cairo will last until the 21st of February. It comes under the 4th version of the project “Unity of the Nile Valley: Future Perspectives.”

Afromedia said that 150 participants will take part in the event representing Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Their age group will be between 14 and 17. Afromedia said that organizing this initiative illustrates the keenness of Egypt to support bilateral relations in Africa, especially in the Nile valley.

It will also support understanding and cooperation between the three countries through dialogue and redefining their look to themselves, the other, Africa, and the world.

In addition, the initiative aims at emphasizing the role of dialogue in peace-building between societies.

On his part, Hassan Gazaly, founder of Afromedia, said that the initiative started in 2017 aiming at strengthening the relations between the three countries through youth conferences that cause understanding and discussion of common issues in order to provide recommendations to the decision-maker.

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