AFL To Hold Mission Parade

By Mark B. Dumbar

After ten years of peacekeeping missions in Mali by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), the Liberian soldiers have finally returned to their country.

Speaking Monday, December 18, 2023, on a local radio station, two officials of the AFL, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Secretary-General for Peace Operations of the Armed Forces of Liberia and Sam Kingsford Collins, Assistant Minister of Public Affairs of the AFL disclosed that the end of mission parade of soldiers who just returned from Mali is intended to show how well the Liberian soldiers conducted themselves at the frontline and how they have ensured that Liberia gets on the map when it comes to peacekeeping missions in Africa.

The Armed Forces of Liberia is at the same time, inviting public to witness the event at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) in Monrovia. Collins said the parade will begin at 8:00 am on Thursday at the BTC. He said the end of mission parade of the AFL will be colorful because of their performances on the day.

The Public Affairs Officer of the AFL added that the gallant men and women of the AFL have put Liberia on the map when it comes to ensuring peace in other African countries including Mali.

Collins disclosed that during the parade program of the AFL, the soldiers who returned from Mali will be posted at their various assigned areas. He added that there will also be a one month rest for soldiers who just returned from the peacekeeping mission in Mali.

Speaking also, Jeans-Pierre Lacroix disclosed that soldiers who just returned home will be posted to various bases to carry out their duties as soldiers. He said the soldiers will be posted at various units.

Lacroix furthered that nothing is different and nothing is too difficult for the military personnel because they have been adapted to all situations. He added that the men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia will go back to their various duties and start to train and prepare for any other mission when necessary.

He added that as guided men and women of the military in Liberia, they cannot declassify their military plan. “We will be telling the enemies how to prepare for us,” he added. According to him, the Armed Forces of Liberia has recruited men and women who are now working actively at their various assigned bases.

He assured Liberians that the AFL will conduct training next year for those who desire to join the force. Lacroix furthered that the recruitment process of a new batch of soldiers depends on the next government.

He also recognized ECOWAS and the United States for their support to ensure that Liberia’s military takes part in the peacekeeping mission in Mali. “We are proud of our soldiers for the level of peace conducted in Mali,” he praised. According to him, today Liberia has been honored as one of the peacekeepers in Africa.

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