MONROVIA-The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has called on the Liberian National police to expeditiously arrest, investigate and forward to court individuals held in connection with the death of little Jomell Davis who was allegedly raped and murdered in the Mount Barclay community.

It can be recalled that the body of the seven-year-old was discovered in an abandoned septic tank on July 24, 2022, with unconfirmed reports of being tempered sexually and subsequently murdered. It was reported that she was sent on an errand by her grandmother to purchase pampers for her sibling.

In a release signed by Atty. Bowoulo T. Kelley, Acting President of AFELL, the Association submits that while the state through the relevant statutory institution is under obligation to ensure the protection of the citizens, parent and guardians as primary caregivers also have the responsibility, and the duty of care to their children and should be penalized as per Section 16.4 Title 26 of the Liberia Code of Law Revised for endangering the welfare of the child if this provision is a breach in any given circumstance.

Since this unfortunate incident, AFELL has been working with the police and the family to ensure that those in connection with the murder of the minor are appropriately charged and forwarded to court consistent with law. However, the latest information from the police reveals that no arrest has been made and that only ‘persons of interest’ have so far been called in for questioning.

AFELL joins others to call on the state to take concrete measures to curtail the prevalence of this onslaught on women and girls in Liberian Society, categorically stating that the State’s inaction to holistically deal with this menace is reprehensible.

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia is a nonpolitical institution founded in 1994 which works towards ensuring equal rights and protection of women, girls, children, and the elderly in Liberia.

AFELL currently runs a legal aid program where on a daily basis it receives more than 20 (Twenty) cases of sexual and gender-based violence that continue to overwhelm the legal aid department where committed female lawyers are passionately providing pro bono legal and psychosocial services aimed at addressing the perpetual legal needs of the most vulnerable in the Society.


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