Actionaid Petitions Legislature To Increase EPA Budget

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

GBARNGA- Bong County-Actionaid Liberia through its Climate Justice Activist has petitioned the 54th National Legislature to consider budgetary increment to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and give adequate support towards raising awareness and  the promotion of climate Justice Systems that support urgent action to eradicate, reduce emissions and promote healthy climate systems across Liberia.

Reading the petition on behalf of Actionaid Liberia on November 17, 2021, student Daniel Dean of  the Mount Zion Lutheran School in Gbarnga, Bong County called for more allocation of funds in the National budget for waste (mainly to support the private sector).

They revealed that the Agricultural sector, which accounts for about 70 percent of jobs and over 90 percent of total export earnings, is even more vulnerable to a changing climate that is leading to intensification of food insecurity and loss of revenue.

The petitioners want the National Legislature to consider the Ganta Declaration on the Nationally Determined Contributions be considered and a inclusive policy blue print that promotes and regulates Climate Justice  and systems to eradicate bad system and ensure the safety of the Liberian citizens including people living with disabilities and vulnerable groups be developed.

According to the group, without a policy’s regulation and its full implementation, there’s a high likelihood that climate violence, change and crisis will increase and affect Liberia at all costs.

They want the a national policy on sustainable waste management be developed, noting that a policy that will help the private/ public sector and civil society organizations become more effective in reducing carbon footprint.

Environmental Impact Assessments became a pre-requisite for all extractive activities including artisanal mining including ensuring non-use of ozone depletion and environmental pollutants such as cyanide.

Actionaid Liberia brought to the attention of the Legislature that,  Liberia faces significant risks as a result of climate change owning to the face that there’s a high level of dependence on climate sensitive activities such as rain-fed agriculture which makes the Country vulnerable to climate variability and change higher temperatures, more extreme weather events such as heavy rains, and raising sea level.

Receiving the petition on behalf of Bong County Superintendent, Esther Walker, the Administrative Assistant, Joseph Dormyan thanked Actionaid Liberia through its Climate Justice Activist for the board steps taking to petition National Legislature to increase the budget of the EPA.

He assured the petitioners that he will present the petition to her boss Superintendent Walker for an on word presentation to the National Legislature.




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