Account for the PUL Headquarters Money ..-Journalist Frank Sainworla Wants PUL Leadership Fund

By Mark N. Mengonfia –

MONROVIA-Liberian journalist, Frank Sainworla wants those who allegedly misappropriated some US$100,000.00 intended for the building of the PUL headquarters  to account for said money to regain the image of the Union.

Serving as the 6th commencement convocation speaker at the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism in Congo Town, Mr. Sainworla said the US$100,000.00 PUL headquarters project scandal has cast a dark cloud on the credibility and integrity of the Union and Liberian Journalism as a whole.

The US$100K was provided by former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf years ago to help the Union get its own headquarter since it was established.

Since the Money was provided by the former President, the headquarters of the Press Union is yet to be built and those who were in leadership of that media organization have not accounted for the fund.

It lingered at the court until Mr. Charles B. Cuffey Jr. took over the leadership of the Union and managed to withdraw the case from the court.

The construction company, Arnold was hired after  the company won  the  bidding process to construct the building. In the process of that, Peter Quaqua who was the incoming president placed an injunction on the entire process, thus leading to a complete halt to the  process. By then, the contract with the company has been signed and part of the money given for the purchase of materials.

The materials were purchased, but due to the injunction placed on the construction by the court emanating from Mr. Quaqua, the work came to a halt.

Following series of discussions and legal battle, the case was disposed of by the court after it saw no magnitude in it.

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