Accident Victim Dying Slowly

Abraham K.M Freeman, a resident of Palm Community, Bardnersville Township is appealing to well-meaning Liberians to assist him seek medical treatment as he is slowing dying from an accident he had in May this year.

Abraham Freeman is appealing to Mr. Thomas Nimely popularly known as County-Man, Representative Richard Nagbe Koon, Cllr. Layette Gould and other Liberians to save his life as the situation is killing him slowly if there is no intervention.

Narrating his ordeal in tears, Freeman said the incident occurred when he was on a Kekeh (tricycle) carrying with him some door frames for his mother’s house in Palm Hill Community. He said when Kekeh slip off the road and fell on his foot along with the door frames something that resulted to the unfortunate situation.

Abraham said one of his feet stuck under the Kekeh and was only removed by the help of some passerby who rescue him from under the kekeh. As a result, Abraham said his visited the Kebbah Clinic for treatment but was rejected by nurses at the clinic but one of the nurses decided to treat him at home but due to the lack of money the lady abandoned the treatment.

“Presently, I owed the lady L$8,000 so she decided not to treat me again until she can receive her money,” Abraham sorrowfully narrated.

During a visit by our Editor, he observed that the sole on Abraham’s leg has expanded to the extended that Abraham if no immediate assistance he leg could be cut off as he is unable to move about presently due to the severity of his situation.

“Please, let them help me because I’m seriously suffering; I can’t move and only my mother during everything for me,” Freeman said while sobbing. 


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