Abraham Kromah Lauded


-For Buttressing Government’s Efforts

Former police Director for Operations (102)   Col. Abraham S. Kromah, commonly called ‘Abe Kromah’ has been lauded for creating employment opportunities for young Liberians; the creativity, according to his admirers is aimed at buttressing government’s efforts. 

This paper chatting with cross section of many young Liberians within his employed described Col. Kromah as farsighted Liberians who means well for the country.

According to them, Col. Kromah is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pilot Security Consultancy LLC that has in his employed close to three hundred plus young Liberians working with him.

The officers speaking with this paper over the weekend in Monrovia asserted that they are the only security guard service in the country providing professional security services to residents, Hotels, businesses among others within the Republic of Liberia.

They further noted that the Pilot Security Consultancy LLC CEO in person of Col. Kromah since the establishment of the institution always concern about the wellbeing of his staffers.

According to them, they have been having very good working relationship with their boss Col. Kromah.

They added that their boss is man that mean well for the security sector.

They said Col. Kromah is a trained criminal justice practitioner who means well for the Country criminal justice sector.

During his stay at the Liberia National police, there were many systems put into place by him that members of the LNP are benefiting from.

It be recalled in recent time, the former 102 was honored by a civil society institution called the ‘Good Governance Forum’ for his many contributions to the country during his stay at the Liberia National Police.

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