Abel Plackie Appreciates God As He Leaves Hospital Soon

-Following Severe Accident Resulting Into Broken Leg

God’s ways for us may not seem efficient for us sometimes. We might even think they are needlessly slow and inefficient because of life circumstances. But none of God’s ways are needless, and God is not slow; he’s patient, gracious, merciful and always on time to meet us at the points of our needs.

Let’s examine the forces that shape our expectations. Don’t let wrong assumptions fuel your discouragement or disillusionment.

I am thankful to God (great physician) for his immeasurable grace upon my life while in the hospital receiving medical treatments and care.

Praise God, doctors have assured me of leaving the hospital next week due to great improvement experienced.

Many thanks to my boss, Sen.& Mrs. Dillon for the concerns, support and interest since the incident happened on Sunday, Dec 6, 2020 during the pre-victory parade of senator

I was around the Chicken Soup Factory Community when a moving vehicle hit and injured my right leg.

Appreciative thanks also goes to pastors, bishops, reverend, fathers, evangelists, church leaders and mothers at different levels of the society, media, family members and relatives, both home and abroad, friends as well as wishers among others for the many calls, support, visits, prayers and text messages.(grateful)

You will forever remain lodged in our hearts.

The devil meant it for evil but God changed it to something wonderful and elevating!!

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