A Day With Atty. Wisseh As PUL Identifies With Him; And Officially Presents His Award; Celebrates Pre-Father’s Day At His Residence

By: Mark N. Mengonfia- mmenginfia@gmail.com

The weekend was a scene of joy and somehow sadness as some members of the Press Union of Liberia paid a visit at the home of Atty. Philip N. Wisseh, head of the Inquirer Newspaper, a local daily in Liberia.

There were singing and dancing as the journalists trooped their way in the compound of Journalist Wisseh.

Although, there were joy expressed, but some of the journalists who have not seen him (Atty. Wisseh) after his operation, wore sadness on their faces upon seeing him confirmed to a wheelchair.

Speaking at the start of the event, Jenneh Fallah, a senior member of the Inquirer Newspaper said, “Few weeks ago, Mr. Wisseh was inducted in the Hall of Fame by the Press Union of Liberia. He would have loved to be there, but that day he fell sick and was unable to be there.”

According to Fallah, they as workers of the Inquirer Newspaper saw the need to celebrate his achievements with him in the month of June which is observed as Father’s month.

“Since he cannot be at the church program tomorrow, we thought it wise to celebrate Father’s Day with him at his home so that those who love him, can prove and show to him that he is a Special Father to all of us”, she said.

The delegation from the Press Union of Liberia was led by Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr., Daniel Nyakonah, Vice President, Akoi Baysah, Jr., Assistant Secretary and other senior members of the Union.

Making a remark as he turned over the certificate to Mr. Wisseh, PUL president said, “Life is a stage. By the grace of the Omnipotent, you have gone through different stages as far as doing law, but you were still focused on the media work.”

He told the gathering that despite ill-health of Atty. Wisseh, he has never neglected the activities of the Press Union of Liberia.

Coffey recounted that at times, when he is unable to attend an event of the PUL, he makes it his duty to purchase his T-shirts and makes his meaningful contributions to the activities.

“I want you to know that God is in control. All of us in the world, nobody knows tomorrow, we move with plans, but we are in absolution of God’s decision”, he said.

Speaking of God’s plans, he told the gathering that he had a conversation with the late Roseline Toweh at which time they joked and laughed, it was a sad news to have received news of her death.

“So to live and see you perform exceptionally, the Union has recognized you and placed you in the Hall of fame.

According to Coffey, the certificate presented to the Lawyer-journalist is intended to recognize his efforts over the years and to motivate and keep him stronger, “When you reflect on his, it will help you to heal. May God continue to bless us and prolong our lives.”

In remarks, Atty. Wisseh said, “I appreciate this Award. It will help to strengthen me even though I am not too well, but something can give you strength psychologically.”

He added, “With this, even though you are down, but your services are still recognized. Thanks for this award. I appreciate your presence here today, thanks.”

Additionally, he called on all journalists both young and old to practice ethical journalism.

“I like to be a journalist when I am wrong, I say I am wrong. I don’t want to be a journalist that will say a man died in an arm bush and the man says I am living and you say it is lie, you are dead.

Malcolm Joseph backtracked at the day when he (Joseph) was elected many years back.

He said, “When the results were announced, he (Atty. Wesseh) lifted me up and celebrated with me.”

Seeing the one time active journalist in a wheelchair brought sadness to Mr. Joseph.

Dragging his words and choked with emotional sorrow, Mr. Joseph said, “To see him at this stage, it saddens my heart.”

He was quick to comfort himself by saying,” But as Christians, we are people of faith and I trust that God will definitely see him through.”

“We want to charge you to build the courage. In situations like these, you have to stand up for yourself first building that courage and be strong enough and definitely with God above, the God all of us we serve, will surely see you through”, Mr. Joseph said.

The celebration of Father’s Day at the home of Atty. Wesseh, and the turning over of his certificate, coincided with the birthday celebration of PUL’s Vice President, Daniel Nyakona who chose to celebrate with Atty. Wisseh who has been on his sick bed for months.

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