90,000 USD Disappears In Bong

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Gbarnga-Bong County electoral District# one Representative Albert Hills Jr. has attributed the backwardness of development in the County to the ‘failure’ of the County’s leadership to adequately seek the interest of the citizens in the County.

He made the statement recently when he appeared as guest on a local radio station in Gbarnga, Bong County via mobile phone from Monrovia.

Rep. Hills accused the current leaders of the County including himself of doing nothing to positively impact the lives of Bongese, despite the abundance of natural resources that have been mined by companies in the County, which those companies are contributing to the County through the Social Development Funds.

According to Rep. Hills, the County and citizens have been victimized as a result of leadership’s bankruptcy.

The Bong County Lawmaker further said the current 54th Legislative Caucus is causing the County more harm in turn of development.

The District# one Lawmaker at the same time accused some of his colleagues of contributing  to the under development of the County due to the lack of interest in the developmental agenda of the County.

He  accused Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker of single-handedly  withdrawing or spending approximately ninety thousand United States Dollars ($90,000USD) out of the County’s account or coffer without the knowledge of the Caucus.

The Bong County Legislative Caucus Co-chair further revealed that in other to stop Superintendent Walker from  withdrawing money from the County’s account outside of the November 12, 2018 County Council Sitting resolution, they drafted a resolution aim at stopping Superintendent Walker and her able lieutenants or followers from withdrawing money from the County account, but it was rejected by four of the eight Caucus members without  given any reason.

According to Rep. Hills, their decision to sign a resolution to close the County account was prompted by an expenditure report  that was presented to them (Caucus) by Sup. Walker on the ninety thousand United States Dollars, adding that report was disorganized, because there were no understanding on document.

“Based on that report we all undisputed orally that the County account should be close, but when we reduce it to writing some of our colleagues refused to sign the document,” he noted.

He further described the alleged refusal  of the four members of the Caucus to sign the joint resolution to contemporary close the County account to stop Superintendent Walker from looting or withdrawing money from the County account single-handedly as reprehensible and repercussions for the development of the County.

He named Rep. J. Marvin Cole, of District#3, Rep. Edward Kerfiah, of District#5, Rep. Joseph Papa Kolleh, of District#7 and he (Rep. Hills) of District #1, signed to closed the County account, while Rep. Robert Flomo Womba, of District#4, Rep. Moima Briggs Mensah, of District#6, Senator Prince K. Moye and Senator Henrique Flomo Tokpa refused to sign the resolution to contemporary close the County account.

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