54th National Legislature Resumes For 5th Session In Liberia

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

MONROVIA-The Liberian Legislature has officially resume for the 5th Session of the 54th National Legislature in the country.

The Legislature decision is in line with Article 32a of the 1986 Liberian Constitution which states that, “the Legislature shall assemble once every year on the Second Working Monday in January of each year.

Monday’s opening was graced by members of the Legislature including Senators and Representatives from both the upper and lower house.

The President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate Albert Chie has called for the consideration of critical  bills during this 5th Session  of the Senate especially bills that were not handled during the 4th Session.

Speaking Monday during the Official Opening Session of the Legislature, The Grand Kru County Senator named the review of the status of the various incentive agreements approved by successive government; the Legislation for pensions of various categories of public servants to ensure that they live descent lives among others as legislations that will be considered.

According to him, the review of legal instruments creating some of the public corporations and state enterprises to understand and harmonize their functions, prevent wastage and make them functional and more accountable; and the roads rehabilitation, especially along major corridors throughout the country as paramount instruments for review during the 5th session.

Senator Chie at the same time disclosed that the issue of road rehabilitation along the Bong- Lofa corridors, the southeastern corridors, the Duala-Bopulu road segment and the Robertsport road segments continue to pose challenge and shame to the Country, something he said needs urgent legislative attention.

Pro-Temp Chie further reminded his colleagues about the 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections while calling for calm amongst various political actors in the Country.

He at the same time stressed the need for the settling of political differences through legal and other peaceful means, as a way of preserving the peace of the Country and ensure development.

Pro- Tempore Chie noted that the Senate Plenary will be looking at the proposed amendments of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia for a national referendum during the 2023 elections.

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