By Lawrence T. Hoff

Residents of Grand Bassa second administrative district have agreed to divert over 47-Thousand United States Dollars towards two agriculture projects in their district.

According to the District Statutory Superintendent Mr. Mike Vambram, the citizens of Neekreen statutory have allocated 50 acres of land to plant cassava and palm that would be used in Liberia and other African countries.

Speaking to this paper outside Buchanan, Mr. Vambram said, agriculture is what every well- meaning individual must embark upon to make the country self-sufficient.

Hon. Vambram added. “The way moving this county forward is through agriculture because it gives back to any nation and brings development. If china and others countries can feel themselves including Liberia than we should also do the same as Liberians.”

Hon. Vambram who is also the Chair of all Statutory Superintendents in Grand Bassa County, assured the residents that resources generated from the farms will be use to empower them through jobs, empowerment of marketers, offering of scholarships to school going children, building of Town Hall, Schools, among others.

Speaking further, Superintendent Vambram maintained that if China can feel herself, then Liberians should do the same to develop key interest in agriculture to help buttress the efforts of Local and National government in food production in order to move the country forward.

According to him, the increase of commodities prices on the Liberian markets is due to 88 percent of the country’s population not engaging themselves in making farms but rather something else which he said makes it difficult for people to get food for they and their families.

He mentioned. “when there are more farmers and farms in Liberia, there would also be more agriculture produce in the country, and the prices of food would drop and that will also put everyone in a better chance to buy whatsoever they want.”

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