4 Children found Alive after missing for one day in Juluken #1, Barrobo Statutory District, Maryland


By: Emmanuel T. Quiah -Maryland County

MARYLAND County_Bill Tarka 11, Abraham Geffie 4, Peter Gweweh 11, and Prince Weah 14 years who went missing for a day plus were later discovered alive on Friday, February 17, 2023, in  Juluken #1, Barrobo Statutory District, Maryland County.

Those kids, who went fishing Thursday afternoon February 16, never returned until darkness fell, a situation which drew the concern of parents. “I was going to take bath. “My 4 years old child AB always bathes with me. “But it was 7:15p.m, when I started calling him for us to go bath, and he was nowhere to be found.”

4 years old Abraham Geffie’s Mother Clara Geffie disclosed.

Upon a night of search in the bushes of Juluken, the children were found between two Towns in the District, Gortiken, and Dwejah, about an hour’s distance away from Juluken #1 on the next day (Friday, February 17 at 8 am).

“We went to fishing, but it was late for us to come back home, so we slept under one big rock.” Bill Tarka told Residents of the Town.

Meanwhile, the Town Chief of Juluken #1 is calling on all parents to pay keen attention to the safety and well-being of their kids.

Mr. Bannie Julufley stressed that during political season, Residents need to be security-minded.

A similar situation occurred in Harper in 2022 when little student Levi Koffa of the New Kru Community School went missing from his campus, and was later discovered dead the next day on Lake Shepherd.

Something which claimed the attention of several residents of both Pleebo and Harper Cities in Maryland County and demand the Government of Liberia, through its Local Authorities to send pathologists to conduct an autopsy on the body of the late little Levi Koffa.

The pathologists’ autopsy report proved that there was no foul play done to the body of the deceased.

It can be recalled in 2021, a similar situation occurred when; a 40-year-old woman went missing in Wlowiem, Karluway District, Maryland County, and was found alive after 14 days.

According to the report, she was unconscious, after being discovered alive, but died after 3 months due to a brief illness.

Another 12-year-old girl who went missing, was found lying unconscious under a old parked truck in Mission Town, Pleebo, Maryland County in January this year, but when this paper contacted the parents of the girl to know about what led to her disappearance, they both reserved comment.

The issue of mysterious deaths and disappearances of innocent people in Maryland County is on the high increase in the

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