By Mark N. Mengonfia

The lead Campaigner of the Coalition for the Establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, Adama KiatambaDempster has described it as a belated and laughable plan by defeated Montserrado County District Eight Representative, Acarous Moses Gray.

Recently the defeated Montserrado County District Eight Representative, Acarous Moses Gray disclosed that preparationsare ongoing to execute what he terms as peaceful assemble on inauguration days for the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia.

Gray said he has been one of the progenitors of the “Cry for Justice” as far back as 2005 and that the planned protest is intended to call on the incoming government to establish a war and economic crimes court in Liberia for ‘warlords” like Nimba Senator, Prince Y. Johnson, Milton J. Blyeh alias, General Buttnaked and others who committed killings during Liberia’s civil unrest to account for their evil.

He pointed at Senator Johnson, one of those who participated in the years of civil unrest which caused the death of over 250 thousand and millions of properties damaged. Senator Johnson wined and dined with the ruling establishment but their political marriage got soured when they no longer met the demands of the senator.

Many Liberians say Representative Gray is a joker who seems to be frustrated over his recent defeat as he was one of the CDC lawmakers in the House of Representatives who vehemently refused to sign a resolution crafted by Representatives Rustonlyn Dennis and others on the establishment of war and economic crimes court during the CDC administration.

“Why he didn’t push or protest for the establishment of a war crimes court when the resolution was brought to him and other CDC lawmakers to sign but refused? Why now, or is it because he is frustrated,” John Carter, a tailor wondered upon hearing about Rep. Gray’s planned inauguration day protest.

Things fell apart and Johnson took a side with President-elect, Joseph N Boakai during the just-ended elections and the one-time darling boy of CDC turned their enemy as they are now pushing for him and others to have their days in court.

“It is a well-calculated plan to keep the incoming government feet to the fire from day one,” Gray said.

He added, “If we finally agree on that day, we will put the number out peacefully.”

Mr. Dempster in an interview Monday said at the time the outgoing lawmaker was in the position to make policy decisions, he misused those opportunities.

Dempster said in 2018, the UN Committee on Human Rights recommended that the government implement the establishment of said court. The UN Human Rights Committee resolution stated, “The State party should strengthen the human and financial resources allocated enabling it to discharge itsfunctions efficiently.

It should also ensure that the process for appointing Commissioners and the Chairperson is timely, inclusive, and transparent. Moreover, the State party is encouraged to seek technical assistance from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to improve the capacity of the Commission to investigate human rights violations.”

The lead Campaigner for the Coalition for the Establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia said they have moved far beyond protestations and are working with both national and international partners to have the court establishedin Liberia.

He said they would hold conversations using diplomatic means to have the work done for Liberians who committed crimes to account for their misgivings. According to Mr. Dempster, Rep. Gray could have used his office to propose said establishment, used his proximity with the President as Chair on the Executive,or worked with his fellow lawmakers all of which he did not do while serving as Representative.

“His call is totally belated and it is laughable,Dempster said.History of the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

At the time George M. Weah’s administration was in opposition, they campaigned on the establishment of a war and economic crime court in Liberia. At some points in time, they paraded the streets of Monrovia, making their request for said court to be established in Liberia.

Fortunately for the then opposition, they were trusted with state power, but what they have opted for years ago; they went slow on establishing it. Some members of the Liberian Legislature saw the need to sign a resolution that was to compare the Weah’s administration to request for the establishment of War crime court, but that didn’t make it on the floor of the House of Representative as it was reportedly prevented by the Speaker, Bhofal Chambers, Deputy Speaker, Fonati Kofa, Rep. Gray who Chairs the House’s Committee on Executive and majority of the CDC legislators.

At the time, twenty-six (26) members of the House of Representatives signed a resolution requesting that a war and economic crimes court be established in Liberia. Representatives Rustonlyn Dennis of Montserrado District four, Hanson Kiazoluof District #17, Montserrado County, Larry Nyaquaie of Nimba County, Thomas Goshua of District #5, Grand Bassa County were among names of Legislators who pushed for said court to be established.

Those who opposed it during that time on grounds that its time wasn’t right included, defeated House of Representative Speaker,Chambers, Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa, and defeated Representative Moses Acarous Gray all of whom are members of the CDC.

Fast forward, the table has turned, Prince Johnson, the CDC once protected is again in the arms of the incoming government, seeking protection from being prosecuted for the killings he and others did during the civil unrest in Liberia.

It can be recalled that during the years Mr. Weah spent in power,on many occasions, ordinary Liberians petitioned their lawmakers calling on them to end impurities in Liberia but Representative Gray and others refused under their administration.

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