Weah says he is Confident of Winning

MONROVIA- Nov 14-Liberian president George Weah told reporters Tuesday that he was confident of winning the runoff elections.

President Weah along with his two sons, wife, and some government officials voted early Tuesday.

He added: “First of all,  I want to say thanks for the process. I see a lot of people here. I just hope that they can exercise their franchise. I am always confident of winning. I am confident. The confidence reposed in me by Liberians and I think from what i have done, the Liberian people will elect me,” he said after voting.

President Weah is in a tight race with former vice president, Joseph Boakai. On October 10, Liberian held general elections with  20 presidential candidates.

He added: “I am always confident; I go through the process. Again, the confidence that Liberians have placed in me with my work. I think, with everything that I have done already, the Liberian people will elect me.”

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