Latest information emerging from the Musa Hassan Bility camp has further revealed that the newly elected Representative of Nimba County District Number Seven is said to be intensifying his campaign with series of meetings with current and newly elected members of the 55th Legislature to smooth his way for the Speakership of that august body.

As newly elected members of the House gear up for business, TNR-Liberia has reliably gathered undiluted and cogent information that Representative-elect, Musa Bility has begun having a periodic meetings with some of his legislative colleagues asking for their support to elect him Speaker of the 55th National Legislatures.

According to a well-placed source at the Capitol building, Musa Bility and some of his supporters who are business tycoons in the country have begun holding series of meetings with some lawmakers and putting forth offers as financial inducement to elect their kinsman to the Speaker position of the House of Representatives.

Our source further disclosed that Musa Bility and his tribal business tycoons have begun putting forward huge cash and vehicles to the newly elected few of the old lawmakers to elect the Nimba County District#7 Representative to the House Speaker position.

It was further revealed that prior to Musa Bility becoming Representative for Electoral District #7 in Nimba County; it was the same people from his tribal group who immensely contributed funding used to carry on road projects which enabled him win the Representative position.

Some of the Representatives who preferred anonymity confirmed having series of meetings with Mr. Bility and said some of their colleagues have begun receiving cash from the newly-elected Nimba County lawmaker with a promise of receiving vehicles from him in the coming days.  

Last week, it was reported that the newly elected Lawmaker is said to have started the ‘ball’ rolling for the position of speakership of the House of Representative by gradually seeking ways to become the top man at that august body.

As a way to begin according to our legislative source, he has allegedly started giving jeeps, pickups, and cash as a way to induce his fellow lawmakers to vote for him.

This was recently conformed tough-talking Montserrado County Representative, Yekeh Kolubah who claimed to have received his jeep last week. “I was given a jeep by Musa. He promised to give me some money later on,” the Montserrado lawmaker told a person who claimed to be one of his confidants

When contacted by this paper through series of text messages, Bility wrote, “Hell no. I do not operate like that; absolutely not. Do you know how much a jeep cost? Imagine me giving that to almost 45 lawmakers for what?”

He continued: “My speakership bid is totally dependent on who becomes president. I have to be sure of victory before I make a bid for it.”

But despite his denial, sources in the corridor of the National Legislature continue to point accusing fingers at Musa Bility of bribing his colleagues to ascend to the mouth-watering House Speaker position which defeated Speaker Bhofal Chambers once occupied. Investigation continues in the bribery allegation against the Liberian businessman turned politician.

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