Bility Bribing Lawmakers?

The newly elected Representative of District Number Seven, Nimba County, Musa Hassan Bility is said to have started the ‘ball’ rolling for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives by gradually seeking ways to become the top man at that august body.
As a way to start, he has allegedly started giving jeeps, pickups, and cash as a way to induce his fellow lawmakers to vote for him as the next Speaker of the 55th Legislature.
The first ‘casualty’ is Montserrado County lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah who reportedly received his jeep last week. “I was given a jeep by Musa. He promised to give me some money later on,” the Montserrado lawmaker told a person who claimed to be one of his confidants.
This paper sent a series of text messages to Mr. Bility for confirmation. Here was what he wrote, “Hell no. I do not operate like that. Absolutely not. Do you know how much a jeep cost? Imagine me giving that to almost 45 lawmakers for what?” he asked.
He continued, “My Speakership bid is totally dependent on who becomes President. I have to be sure of victory before I make a bid for it,” Bility furthered.
Then a direct question to him, “So, the vehicle to Yekeh was a gift or what?” His response was this, “I have no idea about the vehicle to Yekeh. This is becoming like a mission to taint my character. STOP.” After his response, Representative Kolubah called shouting and insulting. “You going around saying that Musa gave me Jeep. Your …… yous shi….. He used some of his best invectives on the reporter. The reporter responded first in a calm manner, but his voice sounded like a wasting gasoline on huge blazing fire in the ears of Representative Kolubah. The reporter responded adequately.
But Mr. Bility’s desire may be hindered by a statement made by Mr. Alexander Cummings, leader of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). This is so because one of the conditions laid down by Mr. Alexander Cummings to support anyone in the runoff is female reorientation.
Mr. Cummings is calling for the passage of a law that mandates a minimum 30% representation of women in the Legislature. This, Mr. Cummings thinks will be a fair way to move forward. One of the persons seeking the same position is Madam Priscilla Abram Cooper.
Madam Cooper said she wants to go for the highest seat because the place has been male-dominated. Therefore, the condition laid down by Mr. Cummings is in the right place.
But a source close to Representative Kolubah said the vehicle given him was some used jeep and pickup from the Liberty Party when that party was embroiled in confusion. “That car he gave is a used one parked at a certain location in Monrovia. Those were cars used by the Liberty party. When he and Nyongblee had that confusion, he took them to hide in a specific location,” the source said.

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