By Mark N. Mengonfia-mmenginfia@gmail.com

Education Minister, Ansu Sonii has called on both private and public schools administrators in the country to comply with the Ministry of Education stipulated amount for graduation.

Minister, Sonii said with the shocking economy, it is important that all school owners corporate with the Ministry of Education and work in line with them for a better payment of fees that has been agreed upon by the Ministry.

Speaking on LBS morning program, Minister Sonii said the set price the Ministry agreed upon was US$75.00 for private schools but taking into consideration other factors, it was adjusted to US$100.00 for private schools and L$5,000.00 for public schools.

Of recent, parents have been complaining of high graduation fees being charged by schools’ administrations but the Education boss was quick to acknowledge that, “The people who will betray us against their own interest are the parents.”

He encouraged parents to stand by the Ministry by rejecting whatever imposed fees from school administrators of for graduation.

“Do not cooperate with any school that compel you to pay US$150,” he said.

According to him, parents who will agree to be exploited should not take to the airways to complain when the Ministry has clearly stated the dos and don’ts by clearly communicated what parents should know.

He said schools have regulations some of which say no student goes to class late and students should be in right standing with the schools, but he is taken aback that those same schools will willfully violate regulations from the Ministry of Education, an institution that gives them permit to operate in Liberia.

Minister Sonii threatened schools that will be caught violating the set price for graduation to revoke their permit to service as a deterrent for would-be violators of government’s regulation.

Minister Sonii also stressed that students should graduate in their uniforms as it is the best means for kids graduating from high schools unlike universities who graduate in gowns.

He said the government will keep engaging with school administrations to ensure that they work with the US$100.00 for private schools and 5,000.00 for public schools.

He warned that student’s leadership, who desire to undertake a project, should write their parents on whatever project they want to undertake but said money should not be included in graduation fees.


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