By Mark N. Mengonfia-

MONROVIA-With just weeks to the conduct of the Presidential and Legislative Elections in the country, President George M. Weah has rallied aggrieved partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to return to the party and be respected once again at home.

During the event, President Weah acknowledged that there are some of his supporters that have left the party for other reasons. The Liberian leader used the occasion to extend an olive branch to aggrieved partisans who have backslides due to differences to return to their party in spite of the circumstances.

He said, “In this public manner, I am extending an open invitation to all former members of the CDC who have left the party for any reason whatsoever to come back home to your family, where you once belonged.”

He said to those who left the party whether due to dissatisfaction, disappointment, disrespect, disgruntlement, disenchantment, or any other “dis,” “Let all bygones be bygones, and come home to join hands with your brothers and sisters in this great commission for victory!!!”

He said whatever the gone-away members think the party did that hurt their feelings or their pride, “PLEASE FORGIVE US!”

“Whatever you might have done to us that may have hurt our feelings or our pride, we forgive you!”

According to him, they have another opportunity to be with their people, the Liberian people. “We are the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change, the People’s Party.  Come and take your rightful place and gain your respect in society,” President Weah intimated.

The President acknowledged the task they have, to retain the presidency of Liberia thus making him say, “The task ahead of us is formidable but not insurmountable.  We will need all hands on deck.  We look forward to welcoming you back with open arms and with warm hearts,” Weah in friendly words told the aggrieved partisans.

With the call from President Weah, this means that George Solo, Joshua Sackie, and others have the opportunity to make a comeback as this will also boost the political morals of the CDC in the 2023 Presidential and legislative Elections.

At the same time, President George M. Weah has named Lenn Eugene Nagbe, the Commissioner of the Liberian Maritime Authority as head of the National Campaign Team of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

President Weah is seeking reelection in the October 10 elections and is making preparations ahead of the official campaigning activities.

Yesterday, hundreds of supporters of the CDC gathered at the party’s Headquarters to appreciate President Weah for what they said was the level of development he has achieved in a relatively short period of time as President of the Republic.

Speaking Monday, July 17 at the party HQ in Congo Town, President Weah said he believes that the campaign lead (Nagbe) will be the best Campaign Manager who will deliver the country to him(Weah)  for the second term.

President Weah said he trusts the ability of Nagbe to lead the CDCs to victory in the pending Presidential and legislative Elections.

The Liberian leader recounted the contributions of Nagbe first as Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change, a capacity the President said Nagbe served well.

He said Nagbe is the Campaign Manager but added that he (Weah) is the overall Campaign Director. During the event, President Weah acknowledged that there are some of his supporters that have left the party for other reasons.

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