By: Joyclyn & Jamesetta

MONROVIA-It seems that things have fallen apart within the main opposition bloc, Unity Party(UP) as popular talk show host, Henry Costa, a one-time strong ally of former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has alleged that he and his party, the All Liberian Party have been totally abandoned by the Unity Party’s Standard-bearer, Joseph Boakai.

At long last, the All Liberian Party of businessman Benoni Urey has broken the silence on the selection of Amb. Boakai’s Vice running mate, Jeremiah Koung.

Addressing a major news conference yesterday in Monrovia, popular political commentator, Henry Costa made a startling revelation over the selection of Jeremiah Koung as Vice Running mate to Amb. Joseph Boakai, Standard-bearer of the Unity Party.

In his revelation, Costa disclosed, “Ambassador Boakai abandoned us. Even worse; he has also abandoned his own vision for the Liberian people,” Costa told a news conference on Monday, July 10, 2023.

The move to break ties with their former allies is a result of the selection of Jeremiah Koung, Senator of Nimba County as Vice Running mate to Amb. Joseph Boakai, political leader of the Unity Party.

According to Costa, since the pronouncement of Koung, Ambassador Boakai has stopped talking with executives of the ALP including Mr. Urey, Ms. Telia Urey, and their party Chairman Theodore Momo and himself.

“He no longer involved nor consult us on political matters as he always did but if we were lucky he would message us days later saying he was busy, but what struck us was that during this whole time, he was busily engaged in political discussions with Prince Johnson, Jeremiah Koung, Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, Alex Tyler, Wilmot Paye, and James Biney to name a few.”

He said Boakia held meetings with these individuals. Costa confirmed that the ALP is no longer an ally with Amb. Boakai and his Unity Party as they no longer share the same ideas, visions, or values.

According to Costa, in those political discussions and negotiations that Boakai and the named individuals have without the ALP involvement, UP divided the various Representatives and Senatorial Seats among Koung MDP, Nyonblee Karngar faction of the Liberty Party (LP), Unity Party, and Alex Tyler got the exclusive pass to contest the Bomi County Senate seat unopposed.

“I was hoping that news of Uncle Joe’s betrayal was not, but sadly, he confessed on the call that he did indeed betray me. After confessing his cruel action, he went further to apologize; he said, “Henry I’m not too old to say sorry when I have wronged someone, and what I did to you was very wrong, I’m sorry; please forgive me.”

Costa furthered, “I accepted his apology and we moved on to discuss how we would salvage the mess and try to get the campaign on. “On that call, I even told him that he did not have to select me as his running mate, but that we needed to find a way to bring the people back onboard as to not lose the golden opportunity.”

He, however, announced that the party will be meeting to determine its new course of action in the coming days.

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