MONROVIA-Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah disclosed that as a means of fast-tracking the program through the committee, from now till next Friday he will make available a transfer of one million United States Dollars into the accelerated account.

The focus among other things, he added is to robustly and in a proactive manner and form begin to address the At-Risk Youth Issues practically. “I don’t want to see them in front of Finance or roaming the streets of Monrovia within the next 60 days,” he stressed.

Speaking at the Steering Committee Meeting, Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah told the gathering that the Liberian leader is seriously concerned about the issue of At-Risk youth and wants it to be treated as COVID-19 or Ebola health crisis.

He stated that with the importance the government attaches to the alarming issue,  it will be prudent enough for the steering committee to adjust its work plan so that within the next sixty to ninety days, there will be no At-Risk Youth harassing people in the streets.

Minister Tweah wants the committee to design short and long-term plans for the program in a way that the At-Risk Youth will go through all the necessary stages of rehabilitation and skills training in order for them to subsequently become productive citizens of the country void of returning to the streets.

Meanwhile, President George Weah has described as a National Emergency the troubling issue of At-Risk Youth across the country.

According to President Weah, the influx of At-Risk Youth across the country especially vulnerable in streets, cities and communities is not only worrisome but also poses a serious threat to national security ahead of the crucial general elections.

Currently, the future of the country looks threatened by the visible and increasingly worrisome signs of young people especially those heavily involved in unwholesome practices.

The alarming issue which is very concerning has drawn the attention of the government following the formulation of a Special Steering Committee to among other things strategize on how to tackle the national emergency issue.

As a means of fast-tracking the program through the committee, the Finance Minister promised that from now till next Friday to make available a transfer of one million United States Dollars into the accelerated account.

Well, the motivational and empowerment move by the government through the Finance and Development Planning Minister was overwhelmingly welcomed by the Steering Committee Chairman, D. Zeogar Wilson including other partners who war in attendance at the meeting.

Minister Wilson assured the gathering of the committee’s willingness and preparedness to work with local service providers in and out of Monrovia in the absence of an established rehabilitation center by the government for now.

As evidence of the Committee’s preparedness to begin the process, the Steering Committee Chairman D. Zeogar Wilson designated Assistant Health Minister, Dr. Gorbee Logan and his team to identify the best facilities that will be able to host the At-Risk Youth.

At the same time, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has encouraged the active involvement of private sector actors in the process because; according to her President Weah has always said that the issue of drugs is not political but rather a national issue that needs the efforts of everyone.

It can be recalled that in June 2022, the Government of Liberia with her main partners, the United Nations System in Liberia and other collaborating partners including Youth and Sports as head, Education, Health, Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministries and other ministries and agencies launched the At-Risk Youth Empowerment Program.

Among other things, the intent was to facilitate the reintegration of young men and women into society through rehabilitation, skills training, and psychosocial support.

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