By Mark N. Mengonfia –

MONROVIA-Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson,  a former fighter has threatened to mobilize former generals, ex- fighters and special forces to protect him against anyone who will attack him.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson in an interview with Spoon Network on Sunday after the disruption of Sunday service at his church in Paynesville said when the incident occurred, those former fighters who are his supporters were all shocked by said action and started making their way in his direction.

He said, “For today, we have informed our former combatants, strong commandos, special forces who were demobilized and reintegrated.”

According to Senator Johnson, many of those former ex-combatants are allegedly in Monrovia while others were making their way to Monrovia.

He said with those he is mobilizing and those that were sent by Senator Koung or Recuse two, he will have 500 men at his church to give him protection.

Prince Johnson who has a history of fighting war in Liberia said the alleged action of those from the National Patriotic Party (NPP) was provocative.

According to him, all of the ‘ provocation’ against him, he has managed to endure all but said, “ This time, I have been briefed by the security from within that they want to assassinate me rather to get Nimba because as long as I am living, all of the money that they sending, it can not work.”

He said, “You want Nimba County vote and you want to kill me?” .

According to him, when the disruption occurred at his church, President George  Weah called him and they exchanged greetings after which PYJ said the President told him, “ I heard you say I am the one sending people I have nothing to do with this, I have nothing to with that. You are my in-law; we are one people bla-bla he explained”

According to PYJ, he told the President that he [President Weah] has muted himself on national issues.

He said President Weah has been very quiet about deaths, the activities carried out by Representative Moses Acarous Gray on the campus of the University of Liberia.

“So, you are the one. You stood in your church and said I am a killer” he said.

Senator Johnson said those who are calling for War Crimes Court should go ahead, but should not disrupt his church nor think about visiting his home because according to him, anyone who does that will have him to contend with.

Senator Johnson has said the right things need to be done to save live Liberia from going back to its dark days.

Since Prince Johnson broke his political marriage with the Collision for Democratic Change(CDC) this year, a relationship has soured between those politicians.

PYJ who was once a darling boy of the CDC is not appearing like an enemy.

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