MONROVIA-It was a scene of fear and pandemonium on Sunday, May 21, 2023, at the Christ Chapel of Faith Ministries of Senator Prince Y. Johnson(PYJ) when several youths from the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of vice president, Jewel Howard-Taylor stormed the premises singing war songs and chanting war crimes slogans.

Several dozen youths wearing T-shirts with photos of both President George Weah and  Vice  President Jewel Howard Taylor as well as  CDC red beret went to the premises of the  Church when worshipers were in service.

They had several placards such as; ‘PYJ, war criminal’,  PYJ, go to war crime court” which attracted the attention of worshipers and led all of them to come outside and see the youths singing.

Speaking to the media briefly, Jimmy Tobey, NPP youth Council Chair said, they had gone to Senator Johnson’s Church to send a caveat to him.

Tobey said their action was in response to  Senator  Johnson’s threat to negatively denigrate their political leader, Vice  President Jewel Howard Taylor.

He added that Senator Johnson was in the constant habit of insulting leaders of the country; which members of the NPP will not allow him to carry on such acts against their political leader.

Following the disruption, Senator Johnson was advised by some church members to leave. “It was good advice given today.  Because if Senator Johnson had given instructions to clear those who were disturbing, it would have turned bloody today.  But thank God that he never gave instruction,” Amos Wehyee, a member of his Church told this paper at Senator Johnson’s residence.

Reacting to the action by the youths, Senator Johnson expressed his disgust over what he termed as hooligan attitude at his Church.

“We really do not want war.   My church was attacked by President Weah and Jewel Taylor.  If you want me to leave this country, I will not leave.  If you force me to leave this country, I will not leave. I will just park my load and go to Nimba and sit down there in my village.  When you push us to the wall, we will tell you, we do not want war. “

He accused vice president Taylor, Maritime boss, Lenn Eugene Nangbe, and Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee of sending the youths to carry out such an act. He also frowned at President Weah for supporting such an act.

“This one is Jewel Howard Taylor and Eugene Nange, who says he is a strategist.  You went to the Embassy, you beat people (Koijee), you went to the University of Liberia ( Acarus Gray),  bet People. You cannot do that none sense to me.”

He said he does not want war.  According to him, he has several supporters who are ready to come to his aid when called.  “If I say just like this, you will see people surrounding me.”

“If that is the plan with Jewel Taylor, to kill me, then I will tell you that you cannot kill me.  That will result in full-scale revenge from my supporters. “

He said Jewel’s husband, Charles Taylor is a well-known war criminal who was indicted found guilty, and sentenced to jail. So, she should be a shame of that.

Senator Johnson lashed at President Weah for calling him a war criminal. But he said:   When I supported you, I was the holy host, but when I decided not to support you, I am a killer. “

“If we follow you, we will plunge this country into war. We cannot follow you. Mr. Weah, we will vote you out.  Jewel, we do not want war. But if you push me to the wall, we will have no choice but to defend ourselves.”

When our reporter visited the home of Senator Johnson, dozens of supporters were singing solidarity songs for him.  A few minutes later, scores of men arrived at the scene.

Some of them told our reporter, “We are back up. We were going home when we heard this act against the Oldman. So, we had to turn around to come here. But let this government know that this old man is a peaceful man. They should not look for him. See the yard here. He did not call us and you see this place parked like this. What if he was to call on his people to come, it would be bad,” Samuel Kiah said.

“Your leave this man.   Do not think that he does not have supporters. You will see election time. We are peaceful people. If we wanted a problem, we would have moved those drugs addict that came to the Churchyard. They were going to be overpowered and  it would have led to serious trouble and people were going to get hurt. So, let them stop,” Richard T. Gblewon said.

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