By: Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-The newly picked running-mate of Ambassador Joseph Nyema Boakai and Senator of Nimba County, Jeremiah Kpang Koung has unveiled the package of the UP’s Standard Bearer, outlining key priority areas that will be concentrated on if the Party assumes the mantle of authority in the up-coming Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Senator Koung named agriculture, the construction of roads, the provision of stable electricity, the provision of quality education, the creation of reliable healthcare delivery services, and the creation of jobs among others as areas of concentration of the Unity Party.

Speaking on Spoon Talk Monday, May 8, 2023, he noted that the Boakai-led Government will provide Liberians with the requisite skills and the opportunity to manage the energy sector of the country.

Senator Koung indicated that the effective management of the power supply will generate huge revenue for the country.

He further disclosed that the Unity Party Government under the Leadership of Boakai will invest hugely in the agriculture sector to ensure that the Country is self-sufficient in terms of food security.

The Nimba County Lawmaker and running mate to former Vice President Boakai indicated that the government is going to pay serious attention to the National Budget to ensure that there are more funds allotted for road construction.

Senator Koung stressed that individuals who will be appointed to serve in various positions will not be based on party lines but on competence and qualification.

Speaking on other issues, he has assured that there will be a crackdown on drugs and other harmful substances if UP assumes the Leadership of the country in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections.

The Nimba County Lawmaker pointed out that Ambassador Boakai is deeply concerned about the effects of drugs on young people and the need to adopt mitigating approaches that will curb drugs usages.

Senator Koung mentioned that Liberians are afraid to provide information about where the youths go to take in these harmful substances.

He pointed out that the future of the young people remains bleak and dreadful if sustained and unwavering efforts are not implored to remediate the situation.

The running-mate to the Unity Party Standard Bearer indicated the UP-led Government will institute a rigorous surveillance mechanism that will prohibit the huge importations of drugs into the country.

Senator Koung pointed out that the UP Government will create four centers in the four regions of the Country to rehabilitate these young people who are accustomed to the use of drugs and other harmful substances.

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