By Mark N. Mengonfia –

MONROVIA-The main opposition Leader, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai of Unity Party, (UP) has put to rest the lingering debate about naming his running-mate.

After months of closed meetings, Ambassador has named the Political Leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, and Senator of Nimba County, Jeremiah K. Koung as his running-mate in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections scheduled to take place on October 10, 2023.

The auspicious occasion was held on Friday, April 28, 2023, at UP’s Headquarters on Broad Street in Monrovia.

The ceremony was earlier awaited by partisans of the UP and others who had gone to get a glance of what was happening at that opposition party’s HQ.

In his nomination speech, the former Vice President of Liberia noted that he was not looking for a saint but an individual who was passionate about the growth and development of the country.

Boakai mentioned that he was concerned about an individual who will work along with him to rescue Liberians from the “failing  Leadership of President George M. Weah’s regime.

Before Amb. Boakai announced Senator Koung, the weather got gloomy and it started to rain, a rain the partisans of UP said was a shower of blessing.

Accepting the challenge, Senator Koung said, “I accept this honor to serve our country. This is a dream to me but I am here for one simple reason: I love Liberia, I think Liberia and I am determined to work with all Liberians to build Liberia.”

He told the gathering that he understands the problems of Liberia adding that with Amb. Boakai leading the state of affairs of the country, Liberia will get the leadership that has been lacking for the past years.

He said, “You have all decided to vote for Hon. Boakai as the next President of Liberia and I am proud to join all of you to be part of the new Liberia.”

Additionally, the Nimba County Senator said, “You are supporting change because you cannot afford another 6 years of decay, division, hate, and backwardness. You anxiously look forward to a future of hope and promise.  You want government to work for you. You want government to be accountable and honest and you want government to protect you and your family.”

He acknowledged the opposition members of Liberia.

He said, “On this day and with my hearts, I submit to the wisdom and experience of my Big Brother Hon. Benoni Wilfred Urey, my Sister and fellow Senator of Grand Bassa County, Hon. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Hon. Abraham Darius Dillon, and many of you whose commitment and loyalty to our country made all this possible. We pray that we all collectively work to end a long journey we started.”

“In a small country like ours, I have made friends across the country but there are also those who disagree with me. To all my friends, I plead that you join Honorable Boakai and I to make our country work for all of us. To those who have reasons to disagree with me, I plead for your cooperation so that we all can rescue Liberia. I am only human and as humans, we err. In our disagreements, we still have one thing in common: LIBERIA. Let us work for Liberia” the Nimba County Senator said.

The programs were graced by an array of partisans of UP, MDR, Former Deputy Speaker, Prince K. Moye of Bong County, Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba, Ben Fofana of Margibi, Clarence Massaquoi of Lofa AND Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County District #10  and among others.

When he was given a chance to speak, Representative Yekeh Kolunah called on all opposition to remain united if they are to unseat the regime of President George M. Weah.

He said without a united front that will stand strong against President Weah, defeating him will be a difficult task for them.

He encouraged them to make peace with each other as they go to their various camps holding in their heart that when there is a second round, they should hold together.

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