By: Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia, (AFL) Prince Charles Johnson lll, is calling on President George M. Weah to make a drug test a major requirement for appointing Officials in the Government of Liberia.

General Johnson noted that if the tests conducted on these Officials are positive, they should not be appointed or commissioned.

The AFL Chief of Staff mentioned that this process is intended to raise massive awareness of the illicit flow of drugs and substance abuse in the country.

He stressed that Leaders need to serve as examples in combating these social ills.

In an interview with the Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zeogar Wilson, he reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to rehabilitate these at-risk youths in Liberia.

Minister Wilson stressed that the Government is mobilizing the needed funds geared towards the rehabilitation of these youths.

He mentioned that the Government will also raise funds intended to renovate or transform the Youth Agriculture Center.

He said the Ministry of Youth and Sports is working with the United Nations system to meet the needs of at-risk youth.

Minister Wilson indicated that President George Weah takes seriously the issue of rehabilitating these at-risk youths.

The President sees it as a national issue; he does not see it as a political issue.  It involves everybody, including the government, developmental partners, and private entities among others.

The at-risk youth do not target special groups of people.  They target everybody.

President Weah is seriously concerned about the at-risk youth.  The Government in the National Budget has allocated $ 1 million to address some of these issues” he added.

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