By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-The former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Opposition Unity Party, (UP), Joseph Nyemah Boakai has been summoned by Criminal Court “A”  at the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Boakai has been summoned over a Petition for Removal of Cloud over Title Deed.

According to the definition, a cloud on title is any document, claim, unreleased lien, or encumbrance that might invalidate or impair a title to real property or make the title doubtful. Clouds on the title are usually discovered, during a title search.

Clouds on the title are resolved by initiating a quitclaim deed, which releases a person’s interest in a property without stating the nature of the person’s interests.

It is also any property that has liens or is under foreclosure that is unattractive to potential buyers because they create a cloud on the title.

The writ of summon has instructed that the former Vice President should appear before the March Term of Court, failure to do so judgment by default will be rendered on him.

The UP Standard Bearer is expected to answer to the complaint filed against him by Complainant, J. Arnold Kandakai of the United States of America, through his Attorney In-Fact, Reginald T. A. Bright on or before the 22nd day of April 2023.

Judge Peabody’s Writ of Summons further threatened that if  Boaka fails or refuses to appear before him (Judge Peabody), there will be a ruling against him.

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