By: Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-As the Country leaps toward the conduct of the October 10, 2023’s Legislative and Presidential Elections, the former President of the Liberia Council of Churches, Bishop Kortu Brown has deeply worried about the huge wave of hatred, greed, and agonies that have characterized political activities in Liberia.

He noted that some Politicians are bent on character assassinations for negative reasons.

Speaking, recently in Monrovia, the Cleric indicated that instead of these politicians directing their energies to the rebuilding and the forward march of the country, they are seriously involved in nefarious activities that tend to plunge the country into anarchy and disaster.

He pointed out that greed has always led to institutional failure and the retrogression of Liberian Society.

Bishop Brown urged Liberians to desist from acts that have the proclivity to breed violence and undermine the country’s long-cherished peace.

He then challenged the Government of Liberia to hold individuals accountable who are attempting to create chaos in Liberian Society.

Bishop Brown admonished the youths not to be used by selfish Politicians for negative reasons.

“Some of you in the country did not see the war, and have no real experience about the war”, he said.

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