Fairness, Justice

-Reflection Of Retired Chief Justice; As Justice Minister Proposes Law Reform

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-It was a tearing moment when Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor was being paraded in the hall by the Chief Marshal of the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, as a sign of his final hour on the bench of that honorable court and the Judiciary Branch of Government by extension.

On September 27, 2022, thousands of individuals including dignitaries, officials of government, lawyers, students of law, family members, and well wishes among others gathered at the grounds of the Temple of Justice to witness the retirement ceremony of Cllr. Korkpor is one of the longest-serving public servants in the judiciary.

Many of the guests who graced the occasion spoke of Korkpor’s delegation and commitment to the legal profession which has enabled him to make a great impact in the judiciary evidenced by increasing employment to more than a thousand plus as well as constructions of circuit courts in all Liberia’s 15 counties.

“Losing someone after a hectic momentous work handling opinions in different cases, continue to reflect on the practicality of professionalism,” Liberia’s Justice Minister.

Frank Musa Dean calls for reform of the constitution that calls for the Chief Justice, Associate Justices, Magistrates, and Judges to retire at 70 because according to him the longer the year of practice, the wiser the individual becomes.

“We would want a national dialogue to resist some of these laws; the retired Chief Justice has the energy and maturity in the law and could become an asset to the judiciary.”

He furthered: “the Chief Justice is a humble and accessible person, an example of fairness and justice”. He continues “Retiring as Chief Justice and not lawyer remained a prayer of the legal fraternity player of the legal law

Accordingly; the Lewis Arthur Grant School of law lauded the (retired) Chief Justice for his service to the country and for honorably retiring from public office.

“Law School Professor Korkpor, in his humility and respect for the rule of law, has observed and upheld all the laws school policies, and requirements regarding attendance and timely submission of grades,” Cllr. Jallah Barbu, Dean of the Law School.

He noted: “We as a law school are greatly indebted to his honor Chief Justice and Professor Francis Korkpor and are convinced that he is only retiring from the active duties of chief justice of the supreme court of Liberia, but is not retired from teaching the children and future jurists and lawyers if Liberia while at the same time, helping the younger professors to lift the law school to heights unknown.”

Demonstrated a high level of leadership while serving as chief justice of the republic. Judiciary is an integrated part of peace and stability in any nation, you kept the peace and the disposition of cases, built sub-courts in every county of Liberia, and renew partnerships through respect for the rule of law.

In his farewell message, Chief Justice Korkpor cautions the Weah administration to give the fullest support to his successor Sei-A-Nyene Yuoh

“You severed for years, I want you to give her the fullest cooperation which is the fundamental precept of Liberian Judiciary which makes it applaud independence branch for the poor and rick.

He further “2023 elections more challenging s selection was made from within the ranks and files of the Supreme Court of the poor and rich.”

“Honor to have served along with men and women defending at all times irrespective of gender. Judiciary is the pillar of democracy-people trust for fair justices-decisions made are kept to stabilize the country,” he noted.

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