MONROVIA- With the 2023 presidential and general elections awakening the political quests of interested individuals, current and past politicians are doing everything possible to get on top. And one person who is said to be working behind the scene quietly is former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

It is also becoming vividly glaring that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s ‘chickens’ are gradually coming to the roost of Mr. Alexander B, Cummings, standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC).

During the 2017 presidential election, Ellen, who has then ended her first and second terms constitutionally, with no space provided for a third term as stipulated by the constitution, madam Sirleaf began scouting for a party to put her weight behind. This was to the solemn pleasure of her Unity Party of which her 12-year-vice president was then a standard bearer vying for the presidency.

In the process of her building blocks as a person with a vested interest in the country’s politics, she alleged that she led all her loyalists to the Congress for Democratic Change ( CDC) where she supported immensely with finance and other most needed political push as well as morally. All the former president’s men and women were on board the CDC’s train all like her son,  Robert Sirleaf once head of the National Oil Company of Liberia(NOCAL), Dr. Togar  McIntosh, former minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lewis Brown, former Liberian ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. James Kollie, former deputy Finance Minister, among others.

Today, pundits are openly asking that, unlike the CDC, Ellen is now quietly building an ‘army’ of all her loyalists, supporters, sympathizers, and admirers in the political arena of Cummings; beginning with Dr. Toga G. McIntosh, Lewis G. Brown and Amara Konneh as the list has just begun to get longer.

With Ellen’s building an ‘army’ in Cummings’ camp to capture the presidency in 2023, pundits are anxiously wondering why is Ellen jumping from party to party along with her henchmen.

“We have been told that madam Sirleaf is strongly supporting Mr. Cummings, Mr. Solomon Williams, a student at the University of Liberia reading political science said.

He said, “Ellen is so afraid of and is badly in dire need of political favor to shield her, her family members, and her many alleged scattered and hidden questionable wealth. I think she feels that such protection is no longer in the leadership of the ruling CDC, and must move on to another political actor.

According to pundits, Ellen’s current role in getting people to support Cummings is massively swelling and is in no hurry of slowing down the least, as her recruiting political tentacles are equally extending in the diaspora; a hope also solidly relied on by Cummings, in combination with the home-based movers and shakers to propel him (Cummings) to obtaining state power, if he succeeds.

Explaining further, one political observer added that as part of Ellen’s long-range political scheme, she convincingly brought Cummings to Liberia after his retirement and exposed him to the political terrain, and set him on the road to becoming president that will ease her political fear and enjoy maximum political protection.

But this allegation was debunked by Mr. Lewis Brown, on OK FM on Tuesday. He said, that such a statement was untrue.

When this paper called a source close to madam Sirleaf, he said, she was not in Liberia.

She has been out of this country for some time now. I cannot speak to that, the source who declined to be named said.

According to pundits, there, up to the present, remained many and much more pain-stricken questions than answers on the back burner that must, in the supreme interest of the public, be dealt with for the records to be set straight for national clarity.

Narrating further, the pundits added that while Ellen is quietly, but tactically building her army as supporters are thronging in from far and near; they equally observed with emphasis that Cummings should dare not venture in any manner, form, or style to send mixed signals that could tip the ‘political covenant’,  and that Cummings should be mindful that just how he does not want to be disappointed in becoming president of Liberia, so eager is Ellen to maximize and cleave to unhindered shared political protection for her, family members and her alleged questionable earnings during her decade-plus leadership.


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