MONROVIA-When Mr. Benoni W. Urey took the hands of Madam Mai Bright, to be his lovely wife until death does them apart, little did he know that one day, the honeymoon could lead to a rough road saddled with a grave hangover.

In May 1986, the social journey commenced.

So, with over thirty-six years of marriage, it seems the honeymoon has come to the end of the rainbow with Mrs. Mai Urey, wife of Mr. Benoni W. Urey saying she no longer wants him as her husband.

Mr. Urey is the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP).

Mrs. Urey, the well smart and educated lady, took the bold step last week when she went to the civil law court to make it legitimate.

The legal team of the action taken by the soon-to-be former wife of Mr. Urey is called “Incompatibility”. According to her, they were no longer compatible.

The news of about the divorce case has been circulating as top gossip over the past years.

At that time of their marriage, Mr. Urey was handsome and looked promising.

So, too, was Madam Mai Bright Urey’s elegant and smart-looking appearance was catchy and perhaps served as a social magnet to bring boy Wilfred closer.

But all of these have become history.

Sources close to the family said one of the reasons for such action to quit the relationship has to do with Mr. Urey’s temper.  Also of late,  Mr. Urey’s decision to take Mr. Alexander Cummings, political leader of the Alternative National Congress ANC to court, could be one reason too.

Another source said Mr. Urey was unhappy to see Mr. Cummings visit his house. Both news has not been confirmed as the search for the real fact is ongoing.

But what remains unclear is whether such action will be honored by the Catholic Church, of which Mrs. Urey is a staunch member.

“I think in some circumstances, the Church may grant a divorce,” one staunch member of St. KIZITO Catholic Church, where Mrs. Urey is a member told this paper.

When this paper contacted Mr. Urey for comment prior to the publication of the hard copy of this paper, he did not comment immediately, but later, he wrote these responses: “When has divorce become news?  Please cover  all in the courts.” Then this paper responded: “Ok”. He replied: “Apparently you are not understanding me. I mean I wish you cover every divorce in the court since you are making one an issue. Why are you sending me a copy of your paper as it’s no news to  me, instead send it to whoever  put you up to it, or who you are pleasing.”

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  1. P. Kerdial Johnson says

    If the Catholic Church grants that divorce, it will be a violation of the church’s numb
    and the church dare stops anyone in the future for divorce.

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