BAHN-It appears like the upcoming general and presidential elections come 2023 could be gradually taking a different trend with many opposition politicians crossing over to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change-CDC.

One of such movements occurred in Nimba County. The town is Bahn, Gberlaygeh District which has a significant number of registered voters. When President George M. Weah visited the town after attending his Cabinet retreat last week, he paid a few hours visit to a few towns to speak to citizens and commend them for upholding the peace in the country.

As soon as he and his entourage arrived, hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life converged in the city hall to get a glimpse of the one-time World Footballer of the year, now President of Liberia.

After the welcome statement by the City Mayor, several persons, men and women were seen walking inside. The numbers were so huge that all could not make it in the hall. Not only were those, but also many of the names not recorded earlier as they voluntarily decided to cross over to the CDC.

“A statement read by Joseph B.  Karney, Sr.,   formerly of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) said they had decided to join the CDC due to the level of development coupled with other work in the county. That, they have no doubt about the administration of President George M. Weah was up for development and wanted to be part of history.

He said, after years of observing the hard work and especially road construction, and provision of electricity to many parts of the county, they have no doubt that if given him the second term, he would do more for the county and Liberia. He said due to space and the distance for many of them to reach to the city, a number of them had to come.

“But we are many that we have crossed over to the CDC.  Due to time, many of other partisans could not make it here.”

Also, Moses S. Zuo who crossed over from UP to CDC said, they have seen the light and was time to go to the light.

“Wise man, changes. If you see the truth, you do not need for anyone to tell you. So, I decided to join the CDC voluntarily,” he said.

Other members from other parts of the county, like Tappita, Graie, Toweh’s town, Gbor-payee, Zayglea crossed over to the CDC. The exact numbers were said to have been in their hundreds.

Minister of State, Mr.  Nathaniel McGill said, “I want to welcome you to this great party. On behalf of our Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu who would have been here, but due to other engagements, has said that you are welcome. He said those who crossed over to the CDC were in the wilderness. “After being in the wilderness for years, they have now seen the light. We welcome you.

To close it all, President Weah said, “Your decision to join forces to the CDC is good.  It was the right decision you made. We will make sure that you have your beret; that is on your head. On behalf of the Congress for Democratic Change and the Coalition for Democratic Change, our chairman is not here and Chairman emeritus besides me, Mr. McGill, has full acceptance at the highest of the CDC.

“I say congratulations,” he ended.


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