MONROVIA-President George M. Weah has warned his officials to work harder if they want to regain the confidence of the Liberian people in the future.

Even though his four years in office has made significant improvement in the country, according to him; there was still a need for them to do more.

He made the statement in Ganta, Nimba County on Monday, July 11, 202 when he officially opened the three days cabinet retreat. Almost all his officials in a serious mood sat and listened as he spoke.   At some point, one could drop a piece of rock on the ground, it would be heard; quietude; although he shared some jokes, in the end, the language changed.

“It is my expectation that all of you participants will actively engage in this Retreat, as we are now entering a crucial period for this Administration.

In October 2023, just 16 months from now, the Liberian people will have the constitutional opportunity to reward us for the results we are achieving. It is therefore imperative that all hands are on deck with a full commitment to ensure that we get a resounding victory.”

According to him, what they have done in four years, many past governments have not been able to achieve it with the little resources at their disposal. For instance, during the regime of the former president, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, there were millions of United States dollars aid given by partners and donors. Also, the economy was strong, with the presence of UNMIL and many multinational companies such as; Exxon Mobil, Anadarko, Sime Darby, BHP Billiton, among others.

But from the time they took over, not much goodwill has been forthcoming; most of the money collected is from local taxes.

He said, one of the essences of holding the retreat in Nimba is to inspect a number of projects being undertaken by his government.

“I have included a Presidential Development Tour in the retreat activities so that I can inspect key development projects and initiatives in Nimba County.”

“The official theme for this Retreat is rightfully framed as “Pushing Forward for A Better Liberia.”   As I said at the Bicentennial Celebrations, it is imperative that we ask ourselves, “what are those things that we must do to ensure that Liberia is a better place than when we met it?”  The answers to this question must be the primary focus of your thinking throughout this Retreat,” he said.

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