‘We Must Stand, Work Together’

-Says MANCO’s CEO; As He Makes Real His Promise; Presents US$25K Check To At-Risk Youth Program

By Mark N. Mengonfia -mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The Chief Executive Officer of MANCO Manufacturing Company, Assad Raef Fadel has made good his word by presenting a check of 25 thousand United States Dollars to the National At-Risk-Youth Drive.

The presentation was made yesterday at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Paynesville.

The 25 thousand dollars check was a promise made by Mr. Fadel last week at a program organized by the Government of Liberia to raise some US$13.9 million to get At-Risk-Youth commonly called Zogoes off the streets.

In a statement before the presentation of the check, Mr. Fadel said, “Today is the time we need to help the youth.”

According to him, the young people are the ones who will have the leadership of Liberia stating, “We should not neglect them. Any attempt to neglect them now, will ruin their lives and affect Liberia at large, this is the time.

“As the President said last week, “let’s save our youths.” I want to buttress his call to say, let’s save our youth now for a better Liberia”, Fadel said.

The MANCO boss called Imams, Pastors, Prayer Moms, Grandmothers, Fathers, Mothers, and Aunts/Uncles, Coaches, Teachers, business/government in and out of Liberia to join in reaching out, not only to the at-risk but to all of the young people who are thirsty for mentoring, leadership, the advice of right from wrong, to understand the trials and tribulations of life.

He said the World Bank, United Nations, and International Funds have always been there for Liberia, but that is not enough added, “We, Liberian people as a whole black and White must stand together and work together for a generation of at-risk youth who only has known war and devastation and now has to face the reality of life with its daily challenges.”

“You win sometimes, you lose sometimes. As a coach, I always tell my players, when we win the glory goes to you when we lose, I take the blame”, he said.

He added that when youth are losing be it to drug abuse, the ghettos, to dropping out of schools and colleges, or hitting the streets for the hustle, “We are to take the blame, we, the leaders of the mosques, the churches, the mothers, the fathers, the teachers, coaches, the business, government leaders, are to take the blame.”

“A winning Child is a winning future,” the MANCO boss said.

He praised President George M. Weah and Minister of Youth & Sports, Zeogar Wilson by saying, “I would like to extend my greetings and respect to President George Manneh Weah who is a Champion of Champions in all walks of life, and the Honorable Minister of Youth & Sports my dear and kind brother Zeogar Wilson for this great undertaking – the At-Risk Youth Program that was launched at the Ministerial Complex last week Thursday.”

When the check was presented to Zeogar Wilson, the two posed for photos and in a brief remark, the Youth and Sports Minister said thanks to the MANCO boss for keeping his promise.

He committed that the funds being collected will be used for the purpose intended.

Minister Wilson also said, apart from the US$1million President Weah committed, discussions with partners of Liberia show a good future for the program.

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