By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Police investigations have vindicated Assad Fadel, General Manager of MANCO Manufacturing Company over an allegation of allegedly pushing a female employee.

On June 20, 2022, the Liberia National Police invited Abenego Brooks, Deborah Togbah, Harriet Harry, Adolphus Kumeh and Munah Davis, after it was reported on OK FM 99.5 and other online platforms that the General Manager of MANCO Manufacturing Company, Assad Fadel, allegedly pushed and injured an employee of the company, Munah Davis.

At a news conference June 23, 2022, Police Spokesman Moses Carter said Police in-depth investigation established that MANCO’s General Manager Fadel did not push nor inflict any bodily injury on employee Munah Davies as was reported on OK FM and other social media platforms.

Carter asserted that all those who raised the alarm that Employee Davis was pushed and injured somersaulted and confessed to the investigators that they lied to the public and that their actions were intended to damage the image of the General Manager of MANCO.

Accordingly, the investigation further established that Employee Munah Davis, having heard of her dismissal by the company’s General Manager fell to the ground and she went unconscious after which she was rushed to the Cynthia Nelson Clinic located in Logan. She was later transferred to Fidelity Healthcare located on 20th Street, Sinkor.

Carter further mention that the CCTV footage,  which was obtained by investigators, showed that the MANCO General Manager did not push Ms. Davis as was reported, rather she (David) fell to the ground after being informed of her  and others’ dismissal.

“Some staffers of the company who spoke to investigators expressed shock over the false claims as raised by their colleagues against the MANCO’s General Manager, Assad Fadel”, Carter narrated.

Meanwhile, the Liberia national police had charged Abenego Brooks, Deborah Togbah, Harriet Harry, Victor Beweh, Jeneh Kamara, Adolphus Kumeh and Munah Davis with multiple offenses in violation of the penal code of Liberia.

They were charged with crimes: Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Solicitation, and False Reports to Law Enforcement Officials in violation of Chapter 10 Sections 10.4 and 10.3 and Chapter 12, Subchapter B Section 12.33 of the Revised Penal Code of Liberia pending Court action.

The police action to charge them is in view of the foregoing facts and circumstances and coupled with CCTV footage, Defendant Deborah Togbah’s admittance statement of lying because of bitterness with the General Manager, eyewitnesses’ (Sam Dennis, Boakai Varney, Sando Massaquoi and Janneh Kamara) accounts.

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