By: MARK B. DUMBAR (Intern) Rejoinder!

Recent statement attributed to former Minister of Public Works, Mr. Samuel Kofi Woods noting that both the government and the Liberian people are sick did not receive a bed of roses nor did it go unnoticed.

According to Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Jarlaweh A. Tonpo, Mr. Woods disclosed in a statement delivered of late that Liberians are sick people, and need to be given a rejoinder statement.

Speaking at the regular press briefing on Thursday, June 2, 2022, Minister Tonpo  in his rejoinder called on all religious leaders, activists, civil society organizations to take serious action against Samuel Kofi Woods.

He mentioned that a day ago a statement was published by a local daily that Liberians are sick people, which he believed is a deception from Kofi Wood.

According to him, the statement made by Kofi Woods is a deceptive statement and all Liberians need to understand how politically and wicked in heart some politicians are to this country.

However, he said, this is one of the deceptive statements that we must all condemn today, and since then, when Kofi Wood insulted all of us in this country, are among the same people who carried this country backward years ago.

According to him, since then, no religious leader, civil society, activists and intellectuals have checkmated him, while outside of the government; the perception is that Kofi Woods has hit hard on the Government of Liberia.

“I’m challenging all of us including the religious council, civil society and intellectuals to stand tall above the shoulder, to look in the face and address Kofi Wood, he noted”.

In addition, the message of rejoinder to the Kofi Woods’ statement that Liberians are sick people, needs to reach out to Liberians; that his deception and exception to his statement is a blatant lie, propaganda that has no truth and has no reality.

He said that the former Labor and Public Works Minister believed to be a man that carries himself around to receive donors’ funding in the name of the Liberian people for his institution and his own well-being, is appalling to say the least.

Today, Kofi Wood is saying that Liberians are sick; however, let it be noted here openly and unequivocally, that no, the country is not sick and Liberians are not sick.

Meanwhile, Tonpo;  has called on the Liberian people to ask Kofi for his legacy during his time as Labor Minister and Public Works Minister and what did he do in the course of nine years; and what development did he bring on board as Minister for the Liberian people.

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