MONROVIA-It was a surprise for many Christians recently when they heard about the victory of

Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., as the new President of the Liberia Council of Churches, replacing Rev. Dr. Kortu Brown whose tenure expired recently.

Rev. Dr. Reeves, who has been seen as a strong critic of previous governments was elected on Friday, May 27, 2022, to serve for two years term.

Prior to his elections, he was the running mate to Dr.  Mills Jones, former Presidential Standard Bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment Party or MOVEE.

Again, his elections at the time did not go down well with many people in the religious community on grounds that he was running too fast.

His elections were also seen as placing dirt on his religious character. “As a man of God, there are certain positions one can take and be relaxed and some you do not take them. He was the running mate of Dr. Jones. Now, if he leaves to come back on the pupil people will talk about him,” Richard  Kollie a layman at  St. Philip Church said at the time.

Rev. Samuel Reeves, Jr., is the presiding Pastor of Providence Baptist Church, the place where the declaration of Liberia’s independence was signed.

His election has been seen by many in the religious community as the wrong choice.  That he was once a vice presidential candidate and independence to such a critical body would be questioned.

“For me as a Christian, I am not in support of him to head the Council at this time. He was once a vice-presidential candidate. He will not be objective here. He will always have the political interest when it comes to addressing issues of national concerns,” Rebecca S. Peters said.

After his election, he promised to work on administrative and structural reforms so that the LCC can continue to be a place of integrity.

In his acceptance speech, he said, he would not befriend or enemy to the government, but rather partners.

He won following the defeat of Rev., Dr. Benjamin Yaneh, with 89 to 48 votes respectively.

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