MONROVIA-Being considered the oldest profession (prostitution) in the world, many who are involved in such occupation, most often had to battle fiercely against the societal and cultural norm in specific place mainly Africa, while others have to brace themselves against the condemnations and odds of morality as perceived and upheld in some society, while such practice is being totally cast-off in many consecutive religious countries, precisely the Muslims dominated sector.

Despite the tough fray for survivability of the oddest profession on earth; some countries with liberal system, and while condoning such habit; without hesitation, provide so many rules or guidelines to ensure that the profession does not equally, promote an open-air paradise of Promiscuity, the factory of sexually-related and transmitted diseases, and providing some degrees of protection an safety for those totally engaged in such industry for their survival, and to make ends meet.

But for others, it has been an easy way out to declaring self-independence; keep out of school and staying away from parents’ yoke and exploring the world totally relying on their money-maker. However, the glamor, achievements and opportunity to become successful by virtual of monetary earning, varied very vastly from place to place and from people to people with emphasis on disadvantage; threats, robberies; frustration; torture, brutality; lies-driven syndicate under the canopy of offering decent and prestigious job or employment (rather a complete fake and absolute slavery of being a controlled sex worker), and most often, the trade becomes demeaning and a thorough hell-at-home.

With the see-saw trend of event, whereas, in some terrains like Liberia, where the financial crunch is critically debilitating for people in such profession, of which most of them now find themselves in a very hard zone to get the dollar worth of their precious bio-service; which has affected and contributed to the discouraging devaluation of price charged for service rendered in several places; a pathetic saga of a run-away child turned sex worker for self-sustenance on the home front is being narrated below.

A 16-year-old teen sex worker Princess (real name withheld), has lamented saying, “I am tired of this life; I want to go back to school”.

The teen has been engaged in prostitution for the past two years according to her.

Princess said, after her dad who was the breadwinner of the family voyaged forever (died), life became difficult and unbearable for the family.

She explained that in an effort to fall the nothingness left behind by her late father, mother took her to a guardian who agreed to help educated her.

According to Princess, her stay with her stand-in mother was a nightmare which she could not withstand.

“My aunt was treating me bad, her children will go to school and I will remain home to do all her work so I ran away from the house to live in the streets,” she explained as tears rolled down her face.

The teen lamented that life in the streets has been very bad which she can no longer cope with.

The sticky point in the teen’s life now is how to return home either to her biological mother or   guardian, because she thinks she will not be forgiven and accepted.

“I had to start prostitution for survival”, Princess said.

Princess many teenagers who in many communities and areas who sleep out in streets and other obscure places while Princess sleeps on one of the beaches in the Paynesville in the Rehab Community.

Prostitution by young teenage girls has been as the result of premature home leaving and poor financial situation.

16 years old Princess has disclosed that she charges men who desire to have sex with her at least L$200 which is most times negotiable.

She claimed that being a prostitute was the worst decision made by her on grounds that the life comes with lot of disadvantages.

“I am sometimes beaten by men”, she said in a sad tone as she looked downwards feeling ashamed of herself.

As little as 16 years, she expects to make over a thousand Liberian Dollars in order to make ends meet by day.


The hope of getting the thousand or more cannot be achieved because when some men have sex with the teen, they refused to pay and when she agitates, she is beaten on.

“After they sleep with me, they don’t want to pay me”, Princess said.

She also said, sometimes her money is extorted from her by criminals who pretend to be interested in sleeping with her.

The teen cried that she is sick and tired of being in the street, but finding a way out has been her problem.

“I am not well, this is not my body”, she cried.

She wants people of goodwill to help her and her friends to find their way out of such a life that is not befitting.


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