MONROVIA- A presidential hopeful, Cllr. Taiwain Gongloe has warned that they will not accept any fraudulent elections come 2023.

Cllr. Gongloe said the government needs to clean the voters’ roll so as to have clean, free elections and also carry out the census.

“We need census. They are telling us that money missing from LIGIS. They are providing conditions so they can re-demarcate”, he told a local radio Thursday.

According to him, many of the officials at the National Elections Commission are CDcians and raised concerns. I am watching, and there should be a census.”

Cllr. Gongloe also accused the George M. Weah government as corrupt and doing little to fight corruption.  “The president of Liberia should set the standard.  Not just for the people in the government, but for the entire citizenry.”

He said, he would not contest for the presidency if President Weah would get rid of many of the properties he has built.

“If Weah does all the things, I am saying, I will not run. I love a law practice, but it is too late for him to do so. It is too late to break the houses down,” he said.

As part of the ways to fight corruption, he said, when he wins, the first thing he would do is to declare his assets.

“When I win, before taking my office, I will declare my assets.  I will publish in the newspapers and send it on the internet for all Liberians and others to know.

“When I sit as president I Will tell my ministers to declare their assets and send a copy to the senate. I will publish the assets and benefits of the president and the people.

Liberal is not setting a good example. Bad medicine requires tough medicine.”

He said he was happy that his name was not in any audit report when he served in previous government as Solicitor General and Minister of Labor respectively.

“My name is not in any-General Auditing Commission (GAC) report, any corruption report. It is shameful for you to do something that you condemn. That is my track record. I want to bring a legacy in power free of corruption,” he said.

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