MONROVIA-Officials at Solway mining Liberia are said to be unhappy with the Liberian government for delays in issuing a certificate of incentives agreement which will later prepare them to go for the Mineral Development Agreement.

“Our people are not happy with the government at all, but you know we cannot say anything. They are stalling the process. They should have given us first the certificate of incentives long ago. But that has not been done,” a senior officer in Nimba working for Solway told this paper on condition of anonymity.

It can be recalled that last month the minister of Finance Samuel Tweah told local radio that they were not stalling any form of incentives to Solway.  The radio station had earlier accused the government of delaying issuing the certificate of incentives to Solway. But The minister said he believed that someone(whom he did not name) might have given such information to the media that the government was holding on to its certificate of incentives.

The minister said at the time: “The issue with Solway is not incentives certificate, the issues with Solway is not incentives agreement issue. Go back to the person who told you that, so they can give you the real story.”

The minister added; “The government is handing the Solway issue in a particular way so that the Liberians who have an interest in it can benefit. When all is set and done, we will let you know.”

But another source from Solway said; “I think the issue here has to do with money to put up front; which our people do not have right now.  Due to the money spent over the time, head office is very careful  to send any huge cash here.”

The incentives certificate is one that allows a company to bring special business treatment before a Mineral Development Agreement is entered into. Up to now, Solway does not have MDA and no certificate.

When this paper called Finance Ministry, a source familiar with the Solway arrangement, said; “Solway people do not want to tell the people why this delay. They know, but they will not say it. The fault is from them.”

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