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MONROVIA-President George M. Weah, absolutely cognizant of the uncommonly unique and exceptional importance of the nation’s history, without hesitation, loaded his Bicentennial address with the genuine spirit of national unity and reconciliation as the centerpiece of national cohesiveness.

Speaking at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville on Monday, February 14, 2022, President Weah maintains that these policies should focus on eliminating all forms of discrimination and exclusion in National Unity and Reconciliation which he emphasized is the foundation upon which we must build the New Liberia.  It must become the imperative agenda of all current and future national development policies, adding, ”the projects and programs emanating from Liberia should be accorded with utmost concern.

The Chief Executive told thousands of people including heads of state, high profile dignitaries including personal representative of the United States President Joe Biden as well as visitors with a shared responsibility to the auspicious celebration, that redefining Liberia’s identity and building a shared sense of nationalism should be at the center of continued reconciliation in Liberia. “The model for genuine National Unity and Reconciliation in Liberia is inspired and founded on positive cultural values, citizenship building, good governance, economic empowerment, and the rule of law”, Dr. Weah indicated.

He also informed the participants that “we (Liberians) must focus on promoting unity amongst all Liberians, wherever they may reside, and encourage all to make meaningful contributions to the nation-building tasks of our country”.

According to him, as we (Liberians) recollect, review and re-examine these first two hundred years, we cannot help but wonder what motivated our forefathers to break the chains of bondage and slavery in order to seek a land where they could experience the benefits of freedom irrespective of color, creed or religion.

Dr. Weah also observed that he believes that our Founding Fathers were in search of a Land of Liberty and Freedom, which would serve as a home and a safe haven for all its citizens, regardless of tribe or creed or religion,

The Liberian Leader pointed out that let us, therefore, continue to embrace the tenets of National Unity as we move forward – together – towards becoming a reconciled and democratic nation, whose citizens are at peace with themselves, their neighbors, and the world.

He intoned that today, as descendants of these diverse groups of people; we are all citizens of Liberia, with a common national identity.  This commemoration must therefore bring us closer together, and strengthen our national unity, even as we recognize and celebrate our diversity.

“As Liberians from diverse ethnic groups, religious beliefs, and regions, we must continue to co-exist peacefully as one united Liberian Nation in accordance with our Constitution. We, as Liberians, can only promote National Unity and Reconciliation by living together in peace and harmony”, he noted.

Dr. Weah, again cautions, ”let us therefore vigorously denounce and combat acts, writings, and utterances which are intended to promote any kind of discrimination, intolerance or lack of justice, all of which are counter-productive to the achievement of National Unity and Reconciliation”.


  1. Anonymous says

    This article is brilliantly written and let me say a big thanks for this write up

  2. Anonymous says

    This article is brilliantly written and let me say a big thank you for this write-up

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