MONROVIA-President George M. Weah is not taking the issue of uniting Liberians as a joke. His desire for this is manifested in the level of programs, especially the upcoming celebration of the Bicentennial program.

So, on February 14, this month, he will officially launch the one-year event. To this end, since his ascendency to the presidency, four years ago, uniting Liberians has been one of his key priorities.

As a manifestation of this, the bicentennial celebration is seen as a time to rekindle and bring together Liberians as well as reflect on the founding of Liberia two hundred years ago.

This was made known last week Friday by the Minister of information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Ledgehood Rennie. He said the program aims to further bring Liberians from all parts of the world together and reflect on the establishment of Liberia. Not only that but also, further unite them in a bigger way.

It can be recalled that two hundred years ago, a group of free Black men, women, and children from the United States established a settlement on Providence Island. They arrived on January 7, 1822.

According to records, over the course of the 19th century, roughly 16,000 Black Americans emigrated from the United States to Liberia with the support of the American Colonization Society, joined thousands of resettled Africans rescued and freed from the slave trade by the U.S. Navy.

At the official kick-off program on January 7, 2022, on Providence Island, President Weah called on all Liberians to unite.  There were displays of different cultures.

People were seen dressed in their African clothing like native traditional chiefs who were on the ground before the settlers came while others dressed like the settlers.

At the same time, there were mask dancers representing the 15 Counties of Liberia. The Gio, Vai, Lorma, and other mask dancers displayed their traditional dance.

The event also witnessed students and other nationals gathering in celebration of the day.

Members of the Liberian legislature, those from the diplomatic missions, government officials were also in attendance.

Speaking at the official program, President Weah said in Liberia, national unity and reconciliation is the cornerstone to all national development efforts and is the basis for combating all forms of discrimination and exclusion.

The Minister told a press conference that the event will take place at the Samuel Doe Sports Complex. Already, several Liberians from other parts of the world have started arriving for the event.  Some non-Liberian artists have expressed their willingness to attend the program and offer free services.

“February is expected to be action-packed with several activities taking place in the nation’s capital, Monrovia, with the President of the Republic, Dr. George M. Weah, officially launching the Bicentennial Celebration on February 14”, he said.

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