MONROVIA- Despite the preconceived notion that the Fifth State of the National  Address by President George M. Weah delivered on Monday, January 24, 2022, to the joint Assembly of the Legislature, which lasted for two hours and thirty-five minutes, would be riddled with an overly used fairy tale, it was not the case.

Sadly,  they got the shock of their ego because the speech was sincere to unfolded trends of events in the country and so conversely, it turns out to be a speech meaningfully loaded with all aspects of an inclusively real Executive Agenda to the Legislature and the people of Liberia covering the period under review, with all facets of the country being touched.

The glowing address to the nation openly talked the talk and walked the walk which with more rooms to make great progress where there are some lapses; moreover, the unshakeable message is simple and clear as reflective in the comprehensive speech, that the government is ever more determined to move the country from mess to best for all without a pick and choose; a country of law wherein all will be proud to live and do business without developing cold-feet. See full text of the State of the Nation Address.


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